Fitness Friday: Steppin’ Out

I was just telling someone the other day that I’ve not been a major “gaming” mom… or person, for that matter! I really did not see a reason why we should get a gaming system, and how it might be beneficial to our family. For the first 10 years of our marriage, we did not involve ourselves with video games, except my husband’s penchant for online Canasta! (Livin’ on the edge, I know!)

ENTER: the Nintendo Wii. We got a Wii System, because it was so different and innovative compared with other systems. We thought it would give our family great times of active interaction, and it has proven true! The fitness programs have really allowed me to get in shape without driving 30 minute one-way to the gym. (saves me a lot of money on memberships, too)

Now, ENTER: Personal Trainer Walking! I just hooked this up yesterday, and it is SO neat! Find out all about it in Julie’s review of PT Walking! Julie is competing against her dog to see who walks more in each day! My husband and I will be neck and neck, I’m sure to see which of us walks more! Another great result is that while I park farther away or take the stairs to try to get in more steps, my kids will benefit as well! Anyway, I’m really excited and I want to get the message out!

Nintendo DS is NOT just for kids! You can follow our WiiMommies walking experiment on Twitter with the HashTags #ptwalking, #mevdog for Julie’s competition, and #wiimoms. Join in with your own PT Walking and post your results in the WIiMommies Forum!




OK, Judd took the pedometer, and blew me out of the water! Of course, he is landscaping all day, while I am home cleaning and writing. Clearly I need to be more innovative in how I get my steps in.

Sarah: 2700 steps
Judd: 10,000 steps!!!!

My daughter hit the goal of 3000 steps yesterday at 4:00! She was at Broadway Theater Camp all day! I did notice that they were sitting down at camp for over an hour, no doubt in the warm-up/vocal rehearsal time. But what a good idea! If you want to see your child’s activity patterns while they are at school, stick one of these babies in their pocket!

I still have yet to meet the goal of 3000 steps. (but in defense, I did set it down and forget to wear it for 3 hours! Ugh! Today, I’m determined! If I haven’t done it by bedtime, I’m jogging around the house at midnight!

GIVE ME SOME TIPS! How can I increase my step count each day?

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  1. Oh man NOW you went and did it! ANOTHER game I now wnat..I am 40, what is up with this!!?? LOL

    Need to find a way to get them without spending the money! 🙂


  2. Every one of us want to healthy and fit now-a-days. i think this fitness friday gaming system really works, gradually increase your counts…


  3. Colleen says:

    well my post is just for you then…I found a site that gave some great ways on getting some extra movement in your everyday life!


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