Flirty Apron Review and Giveaway

I wish I had a nickel for every time my husband walked into the kitchen and exclaimed, “You’re cooking in THAT?” Whether it be a white shirt or a church dress, I always spill something! Anyway, I don’t always like to wear an apron, because, ya know, one likes to look cute in the kitchen, right?

The folks at contacted me to review one of their aprons, and I was so excited when I looked at their designs! These aprons are uber-cute, and great quality! And LOOK: They are on sale for $19.95 with $2.95 shipping for the entire order. It ends Friday, so you’ll have to figure out whether to go ahead and get one, or wait to see if you win my giveaway!

It was really hard to choose just one for the review, but I ended up with the one on the right in the above photo. It was really adorable, the colors were great, it was well made and I really liked everything about it.

The number one draw for this apron is the tie behind the neck. Most aprons with the set neck-strap length are too big for me, so I have to try to tie a knot in the strap to get it to sit high enough in the front. Ugh, so cumbersome! But with the Flirty Aprons, you can tie it behind your neck at any length you like! Brilliant.

Also, the waist tie is super long, and it goes around your waist and back to the front to tie. This makes it truly a one-size-fits all item, and it feels secure on my waist. If you are a larger woman, you can be sure that this apron will fit.

I wore my Flirty Apron in my MomTV show “Get Real” last week, and it was a big hit! Watch it below to see the apron in action


And now, Flirty Aprons is offering an apron of your choice to one of my Real Life readers! Here’s how to enter!

  • Visit and look around at the aprons. Leave a comment here saying which apron you would like! Make sure to leave your email address in the comment (used only to contact the winner.)

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Giveaway will run through October 28, and the winner will be announced by email and on the Winners’ Page. US residents, age 18 and older are eligible for this contest. Apron was provided for review and giveaway, and no other compensation was received.

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  2. I love the blue and chocolate one! These are terrific!

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  6. I like all of them, but my favorite is the Chic Pink Apron!


  7. The sunshine apron is really cute!

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  12. Love the red White apron with cherries on it. Love Red.


  13. Men's Original My Grill is Hotter than Yours Apron i really like that one the best!


  14. These look great. I love the chic pink and the party pink!

    Thanks for the contest!


  15. Home Grown Learning says:

    I went to Flirty Aprons website and I would love to have the Women's Original Cocoa Lime Apron. These are the colors of my kitchen. And if I win I will just have to get the matching ones for my two girls that always help me in the kitchen.


  16. Home Grown Learning says:

    I am following you on twitter, stumbled this post and subscribed to your blog.


  17. one frugal lady says:

    The sassy black is my favorite!


  18. I love the Sweet Sunshine apron. I've entered a dozen of these giveaways, and I always pick a different one. Love these aprons!


  19. Email subscriber.


  20. Twitter follower @getalonghome.


  21. I like the Original Cocoa Lime apron. So cute!


  22. I love these! I would choose the classic blue and brown b/c it matches my kitchen


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  24. Anonymous says:

    I love the 'sassy black apron.' What a fabulous giveaway.

    karen k


  25. Lindsay and Seth says:

    I have wanted one of these for a while now! I was going to wait until Christmas, but if I won it now it would be even better!!! I LOVE the original chic pink (although they are ALL adorable)


  26. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    I love the Original Blue Chocolate apron – soooo cute (and chocolatey!!)!


  27. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    I already subscribe of course! 🙂


  28. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    And I follow ya on twitter!


  29. Oh, so hard to choose! I think I would choose the original chocolate and lime one . . . but maybe, just maybe I would change my mind!!


  30. Charity, CEO says:

    I think the Original Very Cherry would be my pick. It's red and flirty at the same time. My email is


  31. Charity, CEO says:

    just tweeted about it too..Thanks Sarah!


  32. Lindsay and Seth says:

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