Free at Last Back to School!

And so it begins…

Two of the three children in our household (plus my husband) are shipping off to start a brand new school year. Despite my tongue-in-cheek title, I am not necessarily thrilled by the thought of my kids being gone for 6 hours. (OK, maybe a little) But I am excited to get back into a regular routine, and a little more consistency!

Here are a few of my plans this year to help me stay focused, and productive:

  1. Use the Nightly Routine I designed to help speed along the bedtime ritual and save some morning sanity! Hubby took the kids to school last year, and he liked to do everything at the crack of dawn. Crazy!
  2. Get my butt out of bed early, since I have to take the kids to school in the morning this year! I am by NO means a morning person, but I’m excited about getting a jump-start on the day! And yes, I WILL be taking them in my PJs!
  3. Come back to the house with Little Pea, and do my EA SPORTS Active workout before I get beauty-fied for the day!
  4. Let Little Pea go to my In-Home Daycare friend’s house one day a week, so I can schedule meetings or filming if needed.
  5. Go to bed at a decent hour at night! (good luck with that)

I’ll be talking “Back to School” on my MomTV Show, “Get Real” this Thursday, August 13 at 1PM est! I hope you’ll join me by visiting this link tomorrow and participating in the show! You can watch, chat, and even join in on your webcam!

What works for you when your kids go back to school? Leave a comment, and then visit We Are That Family for more Works-For-Me Wednesday

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  1. Julie@Momspective says:

    I must say, I am JEALOUS! I don't start school until the 31st and I'm really looking forward to a few hours alone, if I can get Josh to nap right!


  2. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says:

    I'm counting down the days for when Princess Nagger goes back to school – and at least this year she'll be in first grade, so she be at school all day instead of 3.25 hours…I'm looking forward to being able to get a lot more stuff done. 😉

    Getting to bed at a 'decent' hour is going to be a challenge for me, too. 😉


  3. Praise and Coffee says:

    Mine is starting Sept. 9th…oh happy day!!!
    Thanks for the encouragment!


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