Fun With Google Search

I love it when I start to type my search on Google, and it suggests several phrases to assist me. Sometimes it makes sense. For instance, when I type “Taylor” it suggests “Taylor Swift” or Taylor Lautner.” Totally plausible.

Other times, Google’s suggestions defy common sense, and leave me in a puddle of my own laughing tears. The other night, my daughter and I took turns typing in phrases on my phone, just to see what Dr. Google would prescribe.

Apparently, cats are not only popular on Facebook; people all over the globe want to draw them for their BFFs. My kindergarten bus driver used to blast Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” on his 8-track, but are people really Googling this on a regular basis?

google search I want to


Let’s go to the mall… or prison. Basically the same thing, right?


Google Search Let's Go To


Apparently dolls are vessels for the dead, and they are uniting against us.


Google Search Dolls Are


Lastly, I typed in “Pictures of…” and I can’t bring myself to post what came up. I’m curious what comes up on YOUR phone/computer!


If you want to play along, type in a search and tell me in the comments what came up. You can also post a link to your blog if you post a photo of your search.


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  1. Ha! I tried that with Swagbucks. First one was “i want to peg my husband”, followed by “I want to die”. “I want to live” was #8. I think I won’t try this game too often. I might get depressed.


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Ha! “I want to peg my husband!” SO weird!


    Cindy Reply:

    I don’t even know what that means! I can guess, but I could be wrong. In fact, I am probably wrong. That’s how naive I am. I’m about 85% sure to be wrong about the meaning of “peg” in this case.


  2. Pictures of….

    pictures of poison ivy
    pictures of jesus
    pictures of herpes
    pictures of strep throat


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Marisa, that’s what I got too! Who googles that?!


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