Garden Report!

Time for a garden report! Our redneck gardening tricks worked for a while, but the Caution Tape did not daunt an army of deer who badly wanted our green beans. Back to the fencing for next year. We did manage to get some veggies this week, and still have lots growing, despite run away weeds. So all in all, it’s going pretty well. Here are some photos of last week’s gatherings:

Yay! Pea Jackpot!

One lone green been survived the Great Deer Attack of 2011. Well done, little bean.

The banana peppers were not daunted by the weeds enveloping them!  Chow Chow and Salsa, here they come!

Cabbages look good, but need diatomaceous earth for the bugs

And the corn may very well be our saving grace for the summer if all this bears fruit. The tomatoes’ growth were stunted somehow, so we need the corn to make the garden worthwhile!

What’s in YOUR garden?


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  1. What’s growing in my garden? Tomatos….lots of tomatoes. 🙂 What’s diamatecous earth? My cabbages were beautiful but then started getting eaten. All tips welcome! 🙂


  2. The peas really look fresh and it’s so green. In my garden, I have onions and tomatoes too. I am really jealous of your peas, I can’t stop looking at it. LOL


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Ela, you should taste them! I eat them straight out of the garden! … not to rub it in…;-)


  3. I wish I had your patience in doing garden work 🙂


  4. Marie Brannon says:

    I spent hours tending to my tomatoes but they haven’t done too well. On the other hand my potatoes, which I have left alone, are producing a bumper crop. Maybe that’s a lesson for me!


  5. Jendi
    Twitter: jendisjournal

    I did a video about my garden – Not too much variety this year; I only worked at it half-heartedly. But we are enjoying the harvest we are getting.


  6. Ah! You makes me jealous. I really like gardening, but I can’t to grow plants well. 🙁


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