Gift Ideas and Giveaways!

Sometimes people ask me how I get to try out so many cool products on my review blog, Real Life Review. Part of that reason is Mom Central, a “central” location for all kinds of mom-centered information. Through their Mom Testing Panel, I get to try out all sorts of great products and share my opinions! You can sign up, too!

Every product that Mom Central has sent so far has been high quality and easy for me to recommend. So when they published their Holiday Gift Guide, I checked it out. They have categories for him, her, kids of all ages, and even pets!

But the best category of all is the Giveaways! You can enter to win a giveaway every day, just visit the gift guide website for more information and a list of prizes.

OK, I’m off to enter. See you there…


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  1. Mama 4 Kids says:

    I’ve been with Mom Central for a few weeks now, and I can’t figure out how to participate and receive any kind of products to review. I think I am having a major blonde meltdown moment. If you could send me some helpful pointers I would be much appreciative.

    Email: mel.bail.mama {at} gmail {dot} com


  2. I tried to email you, but it won’t go through.

    Hi there! Do you get the invitation emails, asking you to respond? They will usually say “click here to participate,” then you fill out a form with your information. Try to comment where it says, “anything else to share.” When I first started, I didn’t get accepted as much, but keep trying! If you’re not getting emails, I would contact them.


  3. Mama 4 Kids says:

    Oh thank you! No, I am not getting their emails. I will have to check with them. Thanks for responding.


  4. I joined mom central about three weeks ago. And already i have gotten to try some cool products!


  5. Tiff, I have really enjoyed working with them!


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