Giveaway: 16×20 Canvas Photo Print Giveaway

Ever have a photo that you love so much, and really wanted to showcase it? Well, I have the perfect thing for you!

A 16×20 Canvas Print giveaway from!

You can send them any photo, or image file, and create a Photo on Canvas Print, in a variety of sizes. In addition to Canvas Prints, Large Format Posters creates Poster Prints, Mounted Posters, Vinyl Banners, Window Clings and more.

If I had to choose a picture to have printed on canvas, I would probably choose one of our fabulous sunsets I usually shoot from our back deck.

Here’s how you can enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post, saying how you would use your Canvas Print if you won. (be sure to include your email address)

Leave an extra comment (optional) if you:

  • Blog or Tweet about this giveaway and link back here. (Be sure to include @reallifesarah in your tweet) You could post the picture on your blog that you would like to see in a canvas print if you’d like!

This contest will be open through Wednesday, April 29, and the winner will be contacted through email. Shipping for prizes is free for residents of the US and Canada.

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  1. MindyJean says:

    I have this gorgeous pic of my daughter when she was 3 months old.

    mindyjean00 at hotmail dot com


  2. Rebecca A says:



  3. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I married last year and there is a picture of us snapped right before we kissed. We are looking into each others eyes just smiling showing how happy we were at that very moment. There is no other picture in the world that I love more than this one.

    hburke25 at yahoo dot com


  4. SpringsOne says:

    When we first moved into our home, I snapped a shot of a gorgeous sunset over Pike Peak from our new deck. Blues, oranges, purples, pinks. I thought we’d be seeing this sight every day. Years later, I realize how rare this achingly beautiful vista actually was. I’d love to turn this photo into a wall hanging that we COULD see every day, and hang it right above our piano in the living room.

    cknehans at msn dot com


  5. The Dreamer says:

    I’d get a canvas of my son for my parents den. they’d love it!

    addeviant006 at gmail dot com


  6. Jennifer says:

    Oh this is so exciting. I would use this to get a print done of the golf course that I just took for my husband. It would be our anniversary gift.


  7. A picture from our pre-wedding pictures for the wedding =)


  8. I have still not framed a large print from my wedding last July! I would definitely use this item to do so! It would be perfect for our anniversary!


  9. I’m also following you on twitter!


  10. Superjaxster says:

    I would use an image from my honeymoon in Maui. The landscape pics I took are beautiful and everytime I’d look at it I could remember the awesome time we had there (when we were just starting out!)


  11. Anonymous says:

    I would love to do a family photo!

    K. C.


  12. I would chose a picture of my 8 month old.


  13. Dwalline says:

    We just got back from the NFL draft in NYC and i know i got some GREAT pictures of the stage that would look great blown up!


  14. Dwalline says:
  15. I’m definitely the decorator in our marriage, but my husband has been wanting a picture printed on canvas for years. He doesn’t have a specific one in mind, just really thinks having a photo on canvas would be really cool.

    So if I won this, I would turn it over to him and let him have WHATEVER he wanted…. now that’s love.


  16. I have a gorgeous photo from the day my son was born of him folding his hands as he sleeps. It’s the most precious photo and really captures the spirit of family and love. I would love to have a large format photo of it to place on my bedroom wall. I have the perfect spot for it in mind.


  17. I’ve just enrolled in a community art show and the costs of framing and matting and whatnot are going to kill me! It would be wonderful to have a big canvas print to be a showstopper on my wall! I’ve been seeing these canvas prints everywhere and they are so cool.

    Plus, after the show, I could decorate my pathetically empty white walls. Despite having moved in months ago, I just can’t seem to make the time to put up prints – all my frames are so ugly!



  18. I think I would se it for a family photo.


  19. We're redoing the living room w/DH's photos (he's an up&coming photographer, and quite good!), so I'd have his gorgeous print of the PDX skyline made into a poster as an anniversary gift!

    BTW, "Follow Sarah on Twitter" gives me a "page doesn't exist" error. 🙁 FWIW, the page lists "😉

    mymamasaves (at) g mail (dot) co m


  20. Having just moved into our first home I would like to get some artwork of some of the beautiful mountains around us. celeste_817 at


  21. With a 14 month old, I can come up with a gazillion photos that I would love to have reproduced on a large canvas. How many months it would take me to decide on the photo is anyone’s guess.


  22. Micah and Katie says:

    Right away I knew what I would do. We are new home owners and have been talking about what to put up over the fire place for almost 2 years now. Since our wedding day Psalms 1 has been our verse and lately we have been talking about getting a painting of an oat tree to put up there. I would for sure love to put a beautiful picture of an oak tree on the canvas!


  23. I have a beautiful picture of my girls in front of a waterfall in Greenville, SC. I would love to have it blown up and display it in our new home.


  24. I have a wonderful picture of my two little girls playing outside. They are both happy and laughing together. I would love to get this blown up and put on a canvas. This photo really captures their youth and relationship and I want others to see what I see.


  25. Anonymous says:

    I’d use a picture of my daughter playng with really HUGE bubbles to make a picture to hang in our new house when we move.
    yeloechikee at hotmail dot com


  26. I have so much to choose from but I think I’ll pick a family photo. We don’t have one yet.



  27. we probably do a picture of one of our little boys – full of mischief and very cute! thanks!


  28. i would print a pic of my dad and his dogs walking in the woods. thanks


  29. I would print a picture of my kids


  30. Kristina says:

    I would definetly use this to print a picture of my 3 children.


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