Heart of Haiti Gifts to Bless Your Teachers’ Hearts (Discount Code)

This week has been “Teacher Gift Week” here at Real Life, where I’ve shared homemade and inexpensive gifts that I’ve done for teachers.  Today, I have a special suggestion that will bless their hearts as well as show your appreciation for your child’s teacher.

I wrote Why I have a heart for Haiti this Holiday Season a while ago, and I am going to use the Christmas spirit to spread the message to those I love this year. I’m enchanted by the idea of giving a gift that goes beyond the immediate recipient.  And the Heart of Haiti Projects offer opportunities for the students to learn about the trade of Haiti, or even where it is on the map!

Heart of Haiti is “Trade, not Aid;”  They support the people of Haiti by helping artisans build their businesses, making their products available on the worldwide market.

There are several gifts for $25 or less at Macy’s for Heart of Haiti, or you could get several parents to chip in for something bigger.  Here are some of my favorites for teachers:

Heart of Haiti Paperweight: Owl of Secrets

Owls are traditionally a sign of wisdom, what better symbol for a teacher? And I bet they’re tired of apples. Just sayin…

Heart of Haiti Owl Paperweight

Heart of Haiti Watermelon Bowl

At 9″ long, I could see teachers collecting homework papers in this bowl. It’s not food safe, but it is pretty!

Heart of Haiti Watermelon Bowl

Heart of Haiti Swirls Picture Frame

This would be a good lesson on recycling, since it’s made from recycled Oil Drums

Heart of Haiti Picture Frame

Heart of Haiti Colonial Tray

This is a little more than $25, but it could be a good collaborative gift

Heart of Haiti Tray


Right now, you can get a 15% discount off a $99 Heart of Haiti Purchase PLUS free shipping with the code: GIFTS.  If you’re not planning to spend that much, get a few parents together and place one order!

I received the Songbird Frame from Heart of Haiti, which will make a perfect gift for my step mom, who LOVES birds.  It is just lovely, and I’m so excited to give it to her!

Songbird Frame

The video below is a glimpse of  how my frame was made.

Metal workers hammering cutting

Disclosure: As a part of the Heart of Haiti Ambassador Team, I will receive a gift card and some of the Heart of Haiti products to test and show everyone.  The bottom line is that I believe in the philosophy behind the project, and I want to help!

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