Help, We’re Snowed In!

It’s the Backwards Edition of WFMW this week, so here is my question, maybe you can help me!

We are SNOWED in here in Western NC, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be going to school soon, since there is a layer of ice 3 inches thick!  It’s way too cold to go outside, as it hasn’t gotten above 20 degrees for a week! We are going stir crazy, and here’s what I need:

I would love to hear your ideas for fun, educational activities I can do with the kids at home to keep them busy and keep their minds from turning to mush!

Lay it on me on the comments!  HAAAAALP! See? Even Napoleon needs his parka! (Isn’t he adorable?)

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  1. Musings of a Housewife
    Twitter: jolynnemusings

    LOL! Love that photo. We’re not very educational around here, but my kids love to make forts. Or. Give them an empty cardboard box and some markers and let them make a playhouse. 🙂
    .-= Musings of a Housewife´s last blog ..BLISS*TASTIC at Oh Amanda =-.


  2. We made like a billion paper snowflakes the other day. (But of course, we don’t have snow….and you may be sick of it already!) lol

    FLASHCARDS! I always pull them out when we have a case of the “blahs” and don’t feel like doing anything else.

    We play games and see who can come up with the answer the quickest.
    We did this a lot during Christmas break.
    .-= Linda @ My Trendy Tykes´s last blog ..Day 5… =-.


  3. Catherine B
    Twitter: shoeboxdaily

    Recently we had a really cold spell – well below zero and unsafe to be outside. After the 2nd day of “I’m bored” from my kids I made up (with the help of Google University of course) a few indoor scavenger hunts. The kids had a blast. They liked the A,B,C one the best – find something that starts w/ each letter of the alphabet. 🙂
    Good luck!
    .-= Catherine B´s last blog ..Feel Better in 2010 (Mental Music Monday) =-.


  4. Heather @ Just Doing My Best says:

    I feel your pain! Snow days are both blessings and stressful at the same time.

    My kids loved making forts when they were younger. Last year, I wrote a post on it:

    Hope you find lots of fun ideas from WFMW.


  5. What if the kids helped you cook? It could be something as simple as brownies. Food prep offers great opportunities for you to teach your children about santitation and fractions while they’re measuring.


  6. Muthering Heights
    Twitter: MutheringHeight

    I usually keep special games that we pull out on special days, but if you don’t have anything like that put away, how about a new card game? 🙂
    .-= Muthering Heights´s last blog ..Fill The Emptiness =-.


  7. Hey Sarah, Since my girls are also home this week, snowed in, I asked them what they liked to do when they were younger on our snow days. Here are some of their answers:

    Have the girls come up with a story, dress-up, and get it ready to act out for their Daddy when he comes home. (They could also reenact a story from a book.)
    Make a batch of cookies or have them help you bake something.
    Make puppets out of old socks or paper bags and have a puppet show.
    Make a fort and have a picnic (put a blanket on the bottom to save your carpet) or tell stories under the blankets.
    Play school getting easy worksheets of the internet. Let one of them be the teacher, reading stories to the others.
    If you have a ton of craft supplies, have them start on their valentines early.
    Have a great day staying in.


  8. I feel your pain even though over here in Eastern NC it is only bitter cold, I have been stuck inside with 4 very busy boys. Since only my 6 year old is in school that leaves me to entertain the 4, 2, and 10 month old with something OTHER than endless hours of cartoons. Here are a few things that i have come up with for the times we are stuck inside, while some are more boy oriented and maybe a little young for your girls, maybe they will help some others stuck inside.

    * Real life Candy Land (without candy as we don’t allow sugar here). I tape a path made up of different colors of construction paper along the floors in the house and i put pillows and other obstacles in the way and we use the cards from Candy Land and play the game. It’s more fun when they get to be the game pieces. This works well for a lot of the games really. we have done Monopoly this way as well, a little more challenging given the age range in the house, but once i made the real life game places it worked easier.

    * Scavenger hunt. This is always a big hit. I always keep a treaure box full of dollar store toys and when they do a treasure hunt they follow the clues and find a box with toys they haven’t seen before.

    * We have literally a thousand matchbox cars and we make elaborate tracks and test out different courses for them to go on.

    * Make jewelry. The boys don’t wear it, but they enjoy going in mommy’s beads and making jewelry for the aunts and grandmas to wear. They are pretty good at it.

    * Make cards and pictures with mommy’s stamps.

    * Write their own stories and then we act them out. There are always between my 4 and my family who practically live here during the day about 6-9 kids to keep busy and this is a fun way to have everyone play together. They even use old Halloween costumes to dress up in. Makes it very entertaining!

    * What color is it? Good game for the younger kids kinda like I Spy.

    * Simon Says or Mommy Says as we call it.

    Alot of the activities here are a bit young for your girls, but hopefully you got an idea from something in it. Our boys would all live outside if they could and when we are stuck inside they go a bit crazy!
    .-= Debbi Flowers´s last blog ..One of the last… =-.


  9. we too are snowed in, michigan gets quite the winter.

    my ideas are

    have the kids learn more about the birds of winter and the whole migration process.
    depending on how old the kids are maybe if there old enough have them take a camera and take photos from the windows the different views of the white world outside


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