HipChick Sings ‘Be Kind to Your Parents’

HipChick performed this at the church talent show last night, in preparation for an audition for a huge local talent showcase. Of course, I think she is absolutely adorable and the next American Idol! But… I’m kinda biased!

Anyway, my favorite part of this video is her reaction when the audience laughs at the funny song lyrics. I see a sparkle in her eye, and I suspect that she might be smitten with the idea of interacting with an audience!

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  1. karmiclaw says:

    Sarah, she was awesome! So adorable!!!


  2. Bantering Blonde says:

    OMG she was great!!! We just had ours today and my guy went first – the crowd went nuts and it shocked him… he was thrilled!


  3. Melanie Dorsey says:

    She’s got talent!
    So sweet and good vibrato, too.


  4. Coma Girl says:

    How adorable is she?!? I love it. And that dress is so cute!


  5. The Karnes says:

    That is sooo cute!!!


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