Hot Toys for Boys this Christmas! Win a Big Foot Remote Control Monster!

I spent a lot of time with one of my nephews this weekend,  getting a crash course reminder in the fundamental differences between the genders! Being the mom of three girls sometimes puts me in a Twilight Zone of feather boas, ballet shoes, and baby dolls.

So it’s fun to step into the rough and tumble world of boys for a while while visiting the nephews.  And speaking of nephews, I always struggle with what to get them for Christmas! I can tell you exactly what to get a girl of any age, but I just do not speak “Boy Toys.”

When I heard about the new Imaginext “Big Foot the Monster” toy from Fisher-Price, I immediately though it would be a hit with my nephews.  They range from three to seven years old, and I honestly think any of them would get into this remote control monster.

Big Foot MonsterImagine…
…a little monster with a BIG personality! That’s BIGFOOT! He’s happy. He’s angry. He’s sleepy. He’s fun. The BIGFOOT remote control toy talks and walks and throws a ball, chews and burps and exercises! And kids can bring BIGFOOT to life with an easy-to-use wireless remote control. The symbols on the buttons show you what BIGFOOT will do when you push them — no reading required! BIGFOOT includes one (7.2Volt) NiMH rechargeable battery and battery charger. Remote Control requires 2 AA alkaline batteries.

So apparently, Big Foot has some pretty big mood swings, which endears me to him a little bit. (Have you been around me at the wrong time of the month?) They have a cute Facebook App where you can choose your current mood, and enter to win a Big Foot the Monster toy ($90 value)! Here’s mine:

Big Foot Moods

And if I don’t get my 230 unread emails taken care of by this week, my Big Foot will be throwing an all out tantrum!

So go ahead over to the Big Foot Moods Facebook App, and express yourself! Then, enter the sweepstakes (on the Facebook App Page) before December 15th to possibly win one!

And tell me in the comments… How are YOU feeling today?

Disclosure: I am working with Big Fuel Communications to get the word out about the Big Foot Moods Facebook App and Sweepstakes.  I’ve been compensated for my time and work on the project.

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  1. Oh, this post cracked me up…”the Twilight Zone”. Anyway, I posted a link to your OCC video on my blog. What a great video and amazing cause.


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Thanks Amy! Hee hee. We are a girly family, all the way! Although I adore my nephews and friends’ boys.


  2. Sarah
    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Thanks Amy! Hee hee. We are a girly family, all the way! Although I adore my nephews and friends’ boys.


  3. I have twin boys who are 16months now. and my one is scared to death of that little toy. And it was on the shelf in the store. I think its cute. But recently he has been found with a childhood cancer that can be cured. we are getting through, i think its harder on me than it is on him. We have been at chop since black friday. i hope he gets to go home soon. he is doing great for what he has been through the last 2months. I am so proud of him. if anyone has any advice of about this situation, i will be glad to hear about it thank you:)



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