How Do you Encourage Your Kids?

At the BlissDom Conference this year, Hallmark asked bloggers how we encourage our kids. Sarah Mueller, a writer for Hallmark, interviewed me at the conference as I chose a card from the new kids’ collection.

In the video, I explain how I encourage each one of my children differently, according to their uniqueness.  Each of their “love languages” is so different, that I have to remember to show them love the way they each need it.

Hallmark KidsHere is a link to the card I picked for Princess, from the video. I just realized that you can customize these cards on and have them sent straight from Hallmark!  I could add pictures, words, and a signature.

The one I got for my 9yo, “HipChick,”  said “I’d give you one of my French Fries,” and sang a song about  french fries.  It was PERFECT for her, since she always asks for my fries!

My 4yo’s card said to “give yourself a round of applause, and came with one of those clicky clapper toys.  She absolutely loved it!

You can actually get your first Card from the collection for free from Hallmark! Click here to see all the other blogger interviews from BlissDom!

Are your children each unique?  How do you encourage each one of them to be the best they can be?

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  1. My son is still pretty young, but already I’m realizing that he responds a lot better to having options instead of just a single suggestion. So whatever decision he makes, I try and get excited about. Very thoughtful post, thanks for sharing!
    .-= Ally´s last blog ..Get Better Service at Restaurants…For Free! =-.


  2. I have five children and definitely agree with you that they each need encouraged differently. I have two that really love one on one time with me. They open up and we talk freely. One that loves little gifts that show him I’m thinking of him. I have one that just wants to know that he’s special. He likes to help me cook and help daddy work. We give him lots of praise for his willingness to serve. My oldest just needs flat honesty. He’s always got his nose in a book and his mind in a different world. When I get a moment with him we just talk about real life.

    Thanks for posting this!


  3. Mela Kamin
    Twitter: MelaKamin

    Now I’m bummed I didn’t even go in there during Blissdom – so many things to see and do. That would have been fun. I have three very different kids as well and could totally relate to what you said. It’s a challenge sometimes to recognize their uniqueness, quirkiness and spiritedness as a gifting – but they are all created so differently and will be incredible blessings in their own ways. My daughter and I are very different and sometimes that’s hard to navigate, but I’m learning more and more each day the ways in which she needs me to love her – not just simply knowing that I do.


  4. Sarah
    Twitter: reallifesarah

    It is so hard when your kids are wired so differently from you! My middle child and I have this issue, and I really have to stay aware of how I’m responding to her.


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