How I became a Fairystepmother…

Welcome Guest Blogger, Kim, From Blessed Beyond Belief. Kim describes herself as, “a brand new wife and step mom, a follower of Jesus, a crafter, a planner, a wanna be Martha Stewart.” She has such a sweet heart. I’ve decided to put her post under the series I started called, “Restoration,” because God is so good to those who are broken hearted! I hope you get teary-eyed like I did reading this, and leave her lots of comments!

I am a stepmom. We’re a different breed of human. We have a very bad rap (I hope to never be called a wicked stepmother) but truth be told, there’s a ton of really great step moms out there who love their step kids as much or more than their dear husband! I am one of those. I prefer to be called my kiddos Fairy Stepmother. Yes it does have a ring to it…

I am a new step mom to an amazing, adorable, funny, creative, smart, super-athletic and all around perfect 6 year old daughter. Our story is not the normal one, I don’t know if there is a “normal” story about becoming a step mom though but here’s our story of my amazing adventure of becoming Mikayla’s Fairy Stepmother…

Wave the wand and go back with me a few years, 5 years ago, I was married to someone other than my now wonderful husband. My former husband and I knew Keith and Mikayla from church and softball and volunteered to baby sit for Mikayla on a couple Saturdays while Keith worked (God bless retail) that’s where my relationship with Mikayla started.

She was a funny little kid, she loved to help out with our projects, she’d help my former husband in the yard, she’d hang out with me in the kitchen, she wanted to get on the computer ALL the time and we loved having her around! She was about the cutest kid ever.

We saw them often at softball games, weekend tournaments, practices and church, they were tight in our social circle.

Then in 2004 a surprise divorce hit me square in the side of the head. Never in the realms of what could happen was divorce even on the list. That’s not God’s plan for ME! Well, God had his plan, I just didn’t want to hear it.

The newly single and very lonely me began to watch Mikayla more often, some to help out and some to help me, alone time equaled rotten time. I found joy in watching the world through Mikayla’s eyes, kids are just the best.

A very tight group of friends and family and pretty much my entire church community circled up the wagons and pulled me through my 30th birthday as a new divorcee, and Keith and I developed an amazing friendship as he was the only close friend of mine that had been through the journey I was on.

That friendship grew and blossomed into a wonderful relationship approved by Mikayla (but not at first) I’ll never forget him asking her permission to date me (which was answered matter of factly NO) we worked our way through getting friends and family and Mikayla used to us as a dating couple instead of the friends relationship they were all used to. We made some waves for sure!

Now wave the wand a little farther into the story to watch the three of us, playing softball, doing fun stuff all over town, spending great times together and then


Keith and Mikayla proposed to me on a softball field just about a year ago and


Keith and I were married this last December with our family and friends who then had nursed our broken hearts and now were able to celebrated with us in the joy of our new family.

God has blessed us and we (well I) enjoy sharing those blessings with our friends and family and heck, a whole new group of friends I’ve made blogging about our adventures, mishaps, fun craft projects, party plans and sometimes I even see funny things while working here in downtown Seattle that just make me HAVE to pick up that camera! We stay pretty busy, Keith and I both love playing softball and we’re on the field 3-4 nights a week during the season. I work a ton, Keith works a ton and we love our weekends with Mikayla. Mikayla is playing soccer now, she’s about to graduate from the first grade and she’s just about perfect. Just about.

You can read more about our family at our blog that we’ve named blessed beyond belief, because quite frankly we are. Very blessed.

Hope to meet you all!



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  1. an encourager says:

    Dear Kim,

    I just love happy endings – and happy beginnings – …and waving magic wands around is one of my favorite pastimes!!!

    My heart is singing praises to our God that He waved His over your life!

    Liz (an encourager)


  2. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    Such a lovely story. Amazing how God works in our lives. Thank you for sharing!


  3. What a beautiful story! Just goes to show that God always has a plan at work. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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