How To Get Great Customer Service

I wish I had a nickel for every time someone said, You just can’t get good customer service anymore!” Well, actually, you can if you just know how to do it!

I was talking to a friend today about a certain office she needed help from. “Every time I call,” she said, “they tell me the person I need isn’t here and to call back later.” So I told her:

Here’s what you do. Instead of calling, just go to the office, go in and ask for what you need. Be sure to take your 3 year-old and your 1 year-old with you, preferably at nap time. When they say, “So and so isn’t here right now,” you say, “OK, I’ll wait.” Just plop right down in the waiting chair, get out the noisiest toy you have, and wait. If you still don’t get a response, you might try telling the 3 year-old that her sister just said she was a poo-poo head. There’s nothing like a toddler cat fight to get people moving! If all these tactics fail, bring out the orange cheese-crackers-with-peanut-butter-inside, and watch the office-workers dance. They will have you out of there in no time! This works for banks, insurance agencies, cell phone stores, you name it. However, it is not necessarily successful at doctor’s offices because they have those windows and they can just shut you out.

Now, a tip for when you call someone and get those annoying automated “customer service representatives.” Here’s how the conversation went last night.

Robot (on speaker phone): Hi, welcome to ______ Mortgage Company, your call is very important to us. If you would like account information, please say, “yes.”

Me: (silence)

Robot: I’m sorry, I’m having trouble understanding your response, If you would like account information, please say, “yes.”

Me: (a few snickers with my husband)

Robot: I’m sorry, I’m having trouble understanding your response, If you would like account information, please say, “yes.”

Me: (come on, don’t say anything, hold out one more time!)

Robot: Please wait while I transfer you to a customer service representative.

Me: Woo hoo! Jackpot! (high five with Hubby!)

See? I get to speak to a real person, and it only took 2 minutes of resisting the urge to follow directions! I hope these tips make your life a little easier today, and help you get through your to-do list a little quicker!


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  1. No kidding…I do this while car shopping, to a lesser extent.

    I do go at naptime, and I do bring the kids, and I don’t bring snacks for them. I make it very clear from my body language that I can & will walk out at any second if they don’t give me the exact price I want, because I have plenty of other pressing things to worry about today.

    I have yet to not get the car deal I wanted when I walked in the door. Works wonders.


  2. I will definitely have to remember that! It’s so easy to become intimidated by those automated machines and if you have any background noise (when DON’T we have it!!) you can end up lost in the labyrinth that is menu hell!!

    Thanks for giving me a chuckle!


  3. MorningSong says:

    Great words of wisdom!! I thought you were out – I saw the Rocks in my Dryer button and never went further. Boy have I missed some stuff. I am behind now.. 🙁

    I love your suggestions! I usually try to quiet my kids while in public. I’ve never considered using their irritability to my advantage!! I have done the phone robot thing!! Love it!


  4. Too funny! Next time I’ll remember this. The older 2 can bring their gameboys without earphones, and the toddler has plenty of noisy toys to choose from. The orange crackers with peanut butter will be perfect with a juice pouch that my kids always manage to squeeze and drip on the floor. 🙂


  5. Sometimes, depending on the company and what they call the reps, if you repeat “Operator/Agent/Representative” a few times the computers take the hint and patch you through.


  6. Ornery's Wife says:

    Great tips! I have figured out that phone call one, and I don’t have any children to use the first, but a talkative middle aged woman, especially if there are others in the waiting area you, is often just effective; especially when she shares her problems with the company to the others sitting there!


  7. Chesterfield says:

    Ok, this only works when one is pregnant, but it works REALLY well to get prompt customer service at a store…

    I just furrow my brow, start rubbing my belly, and breathing loudly through pursed lips. LOL! They can’t get me out of there fast enough!! Plus, who can be rude to a lady who looks like she’s in early labor??

    Great post, thanks!


  8. Kelly Malloy says:

    We brought all 6 kids to the car dealership when we bought our new van. Worked like a charm – in and out in less than an hour!



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