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If you know me very well, you know that I am a cheapskate very frugal! So I always look for ways to save money, especially on groceries.  Since I can’t really keep anything to myself, I love to share it here.  There are tons of resources to use when finding coupons and saving money, and I have recently found A Full Cup, which is a website, blog, and forum dedicated to helping people save money.

The interactive nature of the entire site is a big plus, in my opinion.  They actively get members involved in feedback, sharing coupons and savings, tips and tricks, even reporting when a coupon isn’t really valid.  So you know you’re getting feedback from real people, not just a computer generated list, although those are great too. You can even trade or sell coupons, or post if you are ISO (In Search Of) a specific coupon.

The best thing about A Full Cup is that it is F.R.E.E!

Coupon Database:

My kids love frozen waffles in the mornings for breakfast. Don’t judge… {It’s real life, people!} And I am definitely not a morning person, so fixing breakfast needs to be easy.  So anyway, before grocery shopping this week, I checked the A Full Cup Coupon Database.  I simply typed in “waffles” at the top, and pulled up two suggestions of coupons for Frozen waffles.  I chose the Eggo Waffles, because it’s a tear pad coupon in the store.  I found out it’s not on sale anywhere, so I can pick it up at any store in town. And since Harris Teeter was doing Super Doubles, (cha-CHING), I went there!

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I can go farther and get all the details of the coupon by clicking the link.  A box pops up with icons at the bottom.  By clicking those icons, I can report the coupon as invalid, view the actual coupon, add it to lists, or see where the item in on sale.

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Other places to look for coupons on A Full Cup include:

Shopping Lists

With the Store Shopping Lists, you can find matchups for coupons with the store sales, so you get the best deal AFullCup.compossible.  I usually use another service to generate lists for the Sunday Newspaper Coupons, But A Full Cup is definitely a better resource for printable coupon matchups.

For the sale matchups in the Shopping Lists (coupon + store sale= best savings), A Full Cup doesn’t have many matchups from the actual Sunday paper.  You can find lots of matchups  from the paper other places online, but AFC is a great source for printable coupons!  Many times I will not have gotten a particular coupon listen in my Sunday insert matches, I love to go online and try to find that coupon as a printable.  This is a great way to do that.

I have had such bad luck “Googling” Printable Coupons, and getting lots of unusable junk! So I’m really glad I found this resource to search legitimate printables.

The Full Cup Blog

In the full cup blog, you can get a daily dose of deals, either by visiting the site, or by subscribing to the RSS Updates.  Whether you are New to Couponing, need to get extra coupon inserts, or want to learn how to host a “coupon party,”  You can go to the blog for great information on a daily basis.


The forums are literally a WEALTH of information! (Get it? Wealth? As in: you’ll gain lots of wealth if to save every penny you can!).  Literally find information about anything and everything deals, coupons, specials, freebies, shopping tips, Just about any store you could ever thing of— and more!

Connect with them

I’m almost passionate about couponing as I am about Social Media, and there are lots of ways to stay connected with A Full Cup so you don’t miss out. Check them out on

Get Started

But to get started, it’s as simple as signing up for a free account. I signed up in less than a minute, and they don’t ask you  for your date of birth, social security number and first born child!

Disclosure: A Full Cup offered to sponsor this post, in order for me to try out the service and share my opinions.  All opinions and advice are my own, and you guys know I would never advocate something on this blog that I didn’t wholeheartedly recommend! These are not affiliate links.

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  1. Elizabeth Norton
    Twitter: Elizabeth_N

    Coupons overwhelm me to the point of panic. I am going to have to come banck and reread and reread.


  2. This is so neat! I’m totally going to check it out!


  3. I’ve been doing some these as well.. But some, I haven’t tried before. Maybe it’s time that I should right? With everything so expensive right now, we want to save as much as we can, right? especially with groceries, gas and clothing.


  4. Interesting concept. I use slickdeals’ thread on grocery coupons, but it’s so hard to manually sort through the wiki. If somebody maintains an up to date database with multiple vendors (e.g.:, etc) then that’s a great solution for everybody. I just wish more manufacturers start offering internet/online coupons. I’m tired of looking for the Sunday newspaper.


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