HP + Disney = Creative Kids!

At the Pinnix house, we have been test driving the HP PhotoSmart Touch Smart Webprinter, and absolutely loving it!  My kids are constantly finding new activities and coloring sheets to print out themselves, since the printer has it’s own internet connection.  And the best part is: They don’t have to use (or mess up) my computer! I love it when my four year old comes running into the kitchen, saying, “Mom!  I found a (enter newest Disney, Pixar or Nick feature here)!”  Then, she runs to the utility room to drag out the crayons.  The other day, they found paper dolls and had a field day in the kitchen!

So I wanted to share the latest creations from our family! My kids usually take things way beyond just printing and coloring.  They use the HP Printer as a starting point, and make all kinds of “inventions.”

The latest HP-Disney collaboration is the Mickey and Friends Mashup Masterpiece on Disney.com. Here’s all the info from HP:

When you purchase select HP papers you’ll get a family *exclusive access to Disney’s Mickey & Friends Mashup create & print application on Disney.com (exclusive from June 1, 2010 to Mar 31, 2011). HP Printer PaperDisney’s Mickey & Friends Mashup app allows your child to create their own digital masterpiece using Disney’s Mickey & Friends characters and other cool design tools. Kids can choose from a variety of backgrounds and add characters, resizing and moving them as often as they like. Add word bubbles, frames, stamps, and other elements to the digital canvas, all from easy-to-use toolbars and menus.

Your family will also have access to other fun Disney applications including: coloring pages, pictures, and other create & print applications like Digital Artist, Create Your Own Comic, Create Your Own Animod, and more.

So are you dying to see what we made?

Here’s mine:

Disney HP Mashup

Here’s what Little Pea came up with:


Hip Chick (9) made a really neat poster of Disney Characters, as if they had signed it.

Hip Chick

And ever the innovator, Princess(7) took HipChick’s creation, added her own, and made a musical instrument out of her MashUps:

HP Disney Musical Instrument

HP Disney Music Instrument

Even after having the HP WebPrinter for several month, I still use the printer for rewards for the girls.  If they complete a task, I let them go to the printer and choose any activity they want.  They have fun, while continuing to learn and create.

Here’s what I’ll suggest to my kids next. I was browsing the Photo Mashups created by others (you can share with other users!), and came across this “Find Doofinshmirtz” page.  I think it’ll be fun for them to make hidden pictures of their own and challenge each other.

Find Character

How to unlock the magic with HP Papers:

The following HP papers include the special code to access the exclusive Disney.com create & print experience:

HP Advanced Photo Papers:  For vivid, instantly dry, smudge- and water-resistant photos. Available at: Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Office Max, Target and Wal-Mart.

HP Everyday Photo Papers: A glossy alternative for printing everyday photos that’s thicker and heavier than plain paper. Available at: Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Office Max, Target and Wal-Mart.

HP Multipurpose Papers:
Offers sharp, professional-quality results every time. Available at: Office Max, Best Buy, Target, and more retailer locations.

If you’ve already purchased any of the special papers listed above, visit www.Disney.com/PrintMagic to gain your exclusive access to Disney’s Mickey & Friends Mashup.

Do you think your kids would like this? What do they like to create on your printer?

Disclosure: The HP Web Printer was supplied to me by HP for review, and no other compensation was received for this review.

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  1. I really love this post. You and your kids are SO creative — now I want one. I love Disney!


  2. Brandy
    Twitter: brandyellen

    My HP wireless printer stopped working, ink cartridge will not move. I don’t ave this one, although would love it. I did get the one I currently have from a PR rep with HP but I think the cartridge either is stuck by a toy or stuck because it just doesn’t like all the printing I do. I’ve always LOVED HP their customer service has rocked and they are awesome products! I buy HP before any other brand when it comes to printers!

    This printer seems totally awesome and Disney is my FAVE!! Being creative with my three munchkins would be a lot of fun too!

    P.S. YES I am in a rambling mood today .. it’s my lazy lounge around day and I’ve had too much COFFEE!!!


  3. Muthering Heights
    Twitter: MutheringHeight

    Those are adorable!

    I think my kids would definitely get a kick out of those. 🙂


  4. Nova Hicks says:

    Hello, I just purchased HP DISNEY photo paper it said go to Micket & freinds mash up. then enter code. I did not see where to enter code. Please HELP ME , THANKYOU! Nova


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