I’d Like to Thank Bon Jovi, Nintendo and the Police…

… for the quality time I spent with my husband tonight.

We are staying at my brother’s house, babysitting their kids. And they have Rock Band for Nintendo Wii! Can I just tell you how much fun it is??!! Especially for a wanna-be rocker. I can sing Handel, but I’ve always wanted to play electric guitar and rock out! I don’t know what was more entertaining: playing along with Sting, or watching my husband actually dance while he played guitar. (I took a video, but he threatened my existence if I posted it)

By the way, I missed my calling, I was supposed to be a drummer! I did pretty well if I do say so myself.


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  1. Hubs and I played Guitar Hero II for the first time this past weekend. It’s a good thing we don’t own it!


  2. Please, please, please post the video! That would just make my day! Surely your darling husband wouldn’t mind a good laugh at his expense would he?


  3. Tell hubby to lighten up. We’re all just like a bunch of fifth-graders out here, waiting for instruction. For our musical aptitudes to progress, we need the video. Play it again, J.P.!


  4. really? you are amazing! I can not drum on there to save my life. I am great at the guitar and LOVE the singing…


  5. I keep thinking that I would like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. We have Dance Dance Revolution, and I have so much fun with that.


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