In Which I Was Abducted by Mannequins!

I had a meeting at Panera today, and I can’t wait to tell you who I met with and the subject, but it’s not quite ready yet!! There are so many brilliant people here, I’m amazed!! So after I walked out of Panera, the Super Modelquins from Old Navy literally reached out into the mall and GRABBED me, forcing me to check out their Clearance sales!

After getting over the shock of abducted by mannequins, I found the most amazing deals! Certain Clearance items are an extra 50% off! I got about 8 shirts for $30. Given, they were summer shirts, but I got a lot of camis and tanks I can wear under layers.

So if you have time, run over to Old Navy and stock up for next summer!

Disclosure: This post is purely my honest opinion, as always! I receive no compensation of any kind for this post.

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  1. Boston Mamas says:

    Been there. I get abducted by store displays too. 🙂 -Christine


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