{Infographic} History’s Hottest Holiday Toys

I was looking at BlackFriday.net, (I do love my Black Friday shopping) and found this really cool infographic showing the hottest toys throughout this century. My 10-year-old daughter and I spent a while looking at it, as she asked me about the toys I loved as a child.  I hope this brings back as many fun memories for you as it did for me.

What do you think the hottest toy will be this year? Do you shop on Black Friday?

History's Hottest Holiday Toys Infographic by BlackFriday2011.com

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  1. I’m still a board game kinda person 🙂 a good game will beat any iphone i tell ya


  2. I think it’s funny how many of the toys from my childhood have come back and now my daughters are interested in them–My Little Pony, etc. In our house, though, it’s the OLD classics that are the favorites, like blocks, art supplies, bikes and board games.


  3. Sarah! This post really bring backs the memories of the toys that I used to love as a child. Pencil crayons were my favorite then. I hope when our kids grow they can see the toys that they love now.


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