It’s Not Too Late to Meet Me in Winston Salem, NC!

Well, that title sounds a little egotistical.  I just mean, ya know…  you could come and… um, meet me there, because… like, I’ll be in town? And I’d love to hang!  Heather from Mommy Message is going to be there, too, and I’m excited to meet her!

Now with that opening sentence, you might be surprised that the people at 140ology in Winston-Salem, NC asked me to speak about Social Media.  I mean, have they SEEN my videos and MomTV show?  Anyway, it’s going to be a cool event.

Next Tuesday, January 26, from 10am-3pm, we’ll be talking social media and marketing!  My dream day!

If you are a business owner, you’ll hear all about how to use social media to forge relationships with current and potential consumers, and create that “small town” atmosphere in a bigger market.

If you are a blogger, or in other type of social media, you can share with business owners and the workshop director Brian Leimone, and make some great contacts!

It’s not too late to register, I would love to hug you next Tuesday!  If you can’t make it, there are plans in the works to do an ongoing session, so stay tuned.

Click Here to register, and let me know if you do, so I can look out for you!
GOOD NEWS! They’ve just set up a coupon code for the 140ology Workshop if you’d like $25 off the ticket price.  Use iknow_reallifesarah at checkout

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