Keys to Redneck Gardening

One of the reasons I love living in the country is having a large vegetable garden. One of the other reasons is that it can be far enough away from the house so it doesn’t have to look good.

You really don’t need any of those fancy schmancy raised beds or fencing, beautiful scarecrows and such!  Even though I grew up in the yuppie suburbs, I have embraced my country-girl identity.  I spent a week in Chicago a few years ago.  I literally cried driving back up the mountain because it was so green. That’s when I knew I’d never be a big city girl.

Living up here in them thar hills, we’ve learned a few tricks from old country gardeners, so I though I’d give you some good old Redneck Gardening Tips (and a few laughs)

1. Crows

As soon as the ground is turned over, the crows start scavenging for seeds and seedlings.  They will seriously snatch a who row of bean seeds from just under the surface! You don’t need a fancy scarecrow.  Just throw an old belt out into the middle of the garden.  You heard me right! The belt kind of looks like a snake.  In fact, some unwary husbands have even jumped at the first sight of the belt-snake, placed by his wife while he was gone.  Just sayin’. It was funny.

Belt Garden Snake

2. Deer

We live in a neighborhood densely populated by deer.  I absolutely love it when I drive home at dusk and see them prancing around the neighborhood in their little herds.  I talk to them from my car, I have to admit.  I love deer, but I do NOT love them when they are eating my vegetables. We’ve tried several methods to keep the deer at bay.  Marigolds (they hate them), hair scattered around the garden, etc.  A few years ago, we were convinced that human pee would keep them away.  This is largely debated among old-school farmers. I must say it was interesting, and we had phenomenal corn that year. Of course, now that we live where you can actually SEE the garden, that theory doesn’t seem to hold as much water. (snort-get it?)

So yesterday, Judd came home and presented me with a gift after work.  “I got this for you” he said.  It was a roll of caution tape.  He’s so romantic.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when I came home from Becky’s house (helping her with her new site launch TODAY! Go see it) and saw this:

 redneck garden caution tape

Um. Yeah. Apparently, the bright color and noise of the tape in the breeze keeps the deer out. We shall see.

Dear neighbors, I’m very sorry, but we’ll bring you some awesome green beans and salsa in August!

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  1. Sounds fantastic! I’ve used the caution tape with good success before, but the snake belt is a new one. It also works good to tie old pie plates to the caution tape.


  2. What a fun article,and some very good ideas!


  3. Love the tape!! I’ll have to share that one with my dad. He is also a redneck/farmer gardener. He hangs disposable pie plates from stakes in his garden. They make lots of racket in the wind. I think he’ll like the police line better. It will get the neighbors talking if nothing else 🙂


  4. Nikki
    Twitter: Nikki_S

    Love this but I still think there’s potential for even more redneckness. I’m not even tilling my garden this year because no one ever wants to weed it. I lost so many plants last year that I pretty much have given up on a “garden” so I’m going with a white trash-bucket-tire theme this year, I’ll have to update you later on that though LOL.


  5. This is too funny! Thanks so much for the help on the new look! I’m loving using wordpress already!


  6. Oh boy, you made my day today! Keep those redneck posts coming!


  7. Love it!!!


  8. Thanks for the chuckles today, Sarah! I’ll have to share the caution tape idea with my Mom. Deer keep eating her veggies and peach trees!

    Quite a shock from Chicago to your area, isn’t it? 🙂 The city’s a bit much for me, too, but the ‘burbs aren’t too bad.


  9. Gardening seems to be really fun but sad to say i have not really tried it. However, this post seems to be fantastic and i would like to try it right away! Thanks so much for sharing this one. Can’t wait to go gardening!


  10. rajean
    Twitter: rajean

    I reckon it’s fitting to be reading this redneck garden post on National Iced Tea day. Yep, I’m sippin’ my sweet tea way out west here in Colorado 🙂 I love the old belt snake idea and the marigolds. So you plant the marigolds around the garden? Or scatter the seeds. Don’t laugh. We have bunnies. Do you think that would keep them away or attract them? Our HOA mafia would frown at the police tape, haha.


  11. I lose seeds to birds every year, so I’ll have to try your belt suggestion. Twirling metal pinwheels didn’t work for long. I don’t mind them comin’ in later on to eat the bugs on my corn plants but they have to wait their turn!



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