Kids’ Craft: Turn a Toilet Paper Roll into a Pumpkin

This is a really easy, quick pumpkin craft that even the youngest kids can make! With simple craft supplies and about 10 minutes, you can do this! This family fun project idea is great for Toddlers, kids in Preschool, or Elementary!  You can make this to celebrate Halloween, Fall Holidays, Birthday Parties, School Crafts and more!

You will need:

  • Toilet paper roll (with the paper on it)
  • 1/2 yd square of orange fabric
  • Brown paper lunch bag
  • Green chenille stick
  • Paper leaf

First, place the toilet paper in the center of the fabric.

Then, stuff the ends of the fabric into the center hole.

Next, cut the paper bag in half, roll it up, and stick it in the hole, as well.

Cut out a paper leaf, attach it to the chenille stick, and insert the stick into the center hole.

That’s it! Then the kids can decorate it with googly eyes, or black paper shapes to make a face!

Here is my video version of it:

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  1. Love this!


  2. Hoosier Homemade says:

    How great is that?! I'm starting a Frightful Fridays meme this Friday for 6 wks with Halloween ideas. You should hop over and link up! I'd love to have you 🙂


  3. Hey! I just posted this too the other day. (you have to scroll down a bit to see it now) Yours turned out super cute. Fun blog you have too!


  4. I love this idea! I am going to use this with some kids at my church. Thanks for posting it with such easy to follow instructions and pictures.

    My WFMW post: Organizing School Papers


  5. This Heavenly Life says:

    That's brilliant! I'm always looking for ideas like this that are easy enough for my preschooler to do without frustrating her. This looks perfect – thanks!


  6. O.K. first of all—
    toilet paper pumpkin=amazing.

    Second…I am stopping by from the linky that lists all the Type A Mom attendees and just wanted to say "HELLO" and "NICE TO MEET YOU" prior to Asheville:)

    Can't wait to see you there!

    <3 sarasophia


  7. That is so neat! I am definitely doing that this Halloween! that is awesome!


  8. Melissa Stover says:

    that is so cute and easy. i love easy!


  9. This is so cute! I am going to try it with my 3yo!


  10. Erika@MeSoupBlog says:

    I LOVE this idea!!! It seems so easy that I can do with my preschool kids!! Thanks Sarah!



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