Finally Retiring THE Outfit, Yes That One

Today, I’m opening up the Blog Time Machine, and resurrecting this post from 2007. ¬†Reading it this morning, I was taken aback with nostalgia, as Hip Chick is now 10!

Today I held an impromptu retirement ceremony. There were no guests, no speeches, no refreshments or parties afterward. The objects had fulfilled their duties faithfully for a time, and, frankly, I was thrilled to get rid of them. There comes a time, when certain clothing, yes clothing, has held on long enough, and it’s services are no longer needed.

HipChick Outfit 2007

You know the outfit…the one your daughter (or son, I suppose) just loves to wear and asks for every day. The one that was handed down to you from a friend or family member, and before you could take it out of the bag and hide it, she saw it. Her eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning, and she immediately had to try it on. But unlike all those brightly wrapped presents under the tree, this outfit is absolutely hideous, in your humble opinion.

My oldest daughter’s outfit is a “sailor” type outfit. White linen capri pants and top, both with rows of royal blue rick-rack trim. It even had a hat, which got “lost” about a year ago. Add a few red cherry appliques to make it more cheesy. (Did I say cheesy? I meant cutesy.) Anyway, I would cringe every time she begged to wear it, but I never had the nerve to throw it away, since she loved it so much.

Here she is wearing it at Princess’s birthday party. What’s so wrong with it, you ask?

  • Well, first of all, it’s WHITE!! It’s like a magnet for dirt, food, and various and sundry other clothing enemies.
  • Next, it doesn’t really fit. She is about as big around as a bean pole, and it falls off her.
  • Third, what is linen’s favorite past time? Wrinkling!And I refuse to iron my kids’ clothes unless it’s a holiday or a portrait day.

At the party, it finally got Jello stains on it that I cannot get out. Why didn’t I think of this before!? ¬†Strawberries, grape juice, mustard, anything! I’ve been such a fool! (I’m not being melodramatic, am I?) It’s not really that bad, but I’m glad it will finally be retired to the rag pile.

Now, I bet you’re thinking that I’m so superficial and un-spiritual, to care about her being in the perfect outfit, right? Sometimes, yes. I started out writing this just for fun, but I think God had another idea. Well, she is so beautiful, and it just didn’t do her justice. I’d rather see her in a dress that’s as beautiful as she is.

I wonder what “outfit” I’m wearing right now, that I think is so beautiful, but Father God knows doesn’t do me justice. Maybe it’s one of my many masks, as in the song on Ben’s blog today. Is he cringing every time I put it on? Or maybe it’s one of my activities or jobs that clutter up my life. I’m going to have to do some praying on that one.

Share your kids’ “outfits” with me if you have them. .

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  1. Juliet Echo Mike says:

    Congratulations on losing 15 lbs! That’s great.

    I think your daughter looks absolutely adorable in that outfit! But I like your point. What outfit am I wearing that doesn’t do me any good in God’s eyes…?



  2. Oh goodness Allie has some clothes! her nana sends down the most hideous outfits EVER! one shirt was a portrait of a woman with big bows and jewelry attached to the shirt!!! not pictures of it, but actually attached! she also has a terrible pair of swish swish pants that give everyone a show when she bends over! they are just cut funny but she loves them and mama doesnt have the nerve to throw them away. *sigh*


  3. Coma Girl says:

    Very funny.

    I wish I had taken a picture of my daughter in her “clown” pj’s – they were horrible. One side had polka dots and the sleeves had ruffles on the end. She wore them once and I put them in the bag to give away.


  4. Thanks for the link, Sarah!

    Kaitlyn has this crazy poofy shirt and pants combo that my Mom gave her. It’s baby blue and white with poofy shoulders, and long colonial-esque cuffs. It reminds me of the poofy shirt episode on Seinfeld, only much more 1970’s.

    We kept that one around just for Nana… She finally outgrew it. I don’t have a picture. I think Heather destroyed them all!


  5. Kim's Hotrod says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blogs. Nice writing. You have a very clearly understood way of expressing things.

    Alison has a few outfits like this. I look forward to the day when we can be “dressed like flowers” – whatever that means!

    Speaking of which, I have a few floral ties I need to get rid of.


  6. Scavenger Hunt…

    You have until Tuesday night to catch up on the first weeks questions and then the next Tuesday for the rest of them

    Cant wait to read more of your blog!!!


  7. Morning Glory says:

    Well, that was fun to read. I remember my girls wearing some things that I can’t believe I thought were cute. The pictures of them make me wonder what was wrong with me!


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