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Welcome Guest Blogger Emily, from Lift Up Your Hearts. Emily is married to Alif and mother to Malachi, Graham, Caris and Canaan. She says, “We are first and foremost a family who loves the Lord. We seek to serve Him in homeschooling, sports, sewing, church and all the other little activities that make up our daily lives.” Leave her lots of comments!!

I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week, so I had a lazy morning today. I pretty much sat around playing with the baby while the big kids gathered sweet-smelling oleanders (oops, those are poisonous, aren’t they?) and tried catching bees and wasps. I shudder to think what might happen if they actually catch up with a wasp. They do pretty good with bees, trapping them mercilessly inside plastic containers of all shapes and sizes. Wasps though, yikes! By the way, have you said “wasps” out loud lately? Is that second s completely obnoxious?

Anyway, after spending the morning narrowly escaping serious harm, it was time for my kids’ quiet time. I’m a mean, mean mother and we have quiet time every day. The 16-month-old and the newly 5-year-old sleep, and the 8 and 10-year-olds play with Legos, read, whatever doesn’t cause me to put on my grouchy face and tell them to be QUIET because it is QUIET time. Everyone was exhausted and went down for quiet time quickly. At least I hope they were exhausted and not poisoned by flowers or in anaphylactic shock from stings. Or bites. Whatever it is that wasps do.

Thankful for the peace, I’m afraid I may have actually sighed as I wandered into the bathroom. Look who greeted me!

This brought a smile to my face and I tell you what, quiet time could have ended right then and I’d still have been refreshed. I wouldn’t be writing you now, but I’d be refreshed. Sometimes the activities and responsibilities of everyday life as a Mom are overwhelming. Sometimes they’re messy and exhausting and stressful and even sometimes boring. Most of the time I look around and see vignettes like this one:

And I ignore them. Or I sigh, and not in a relaxed kind of way. Or I call out impatiently, “Whoever took a bath last needs to clean up this mess!”

But then I see a plastic guy perched just so on the towel rack, or a Rescue Hero peering out my second-story bathroom window, or Oleanders wrapped in white paper (“they’re all pink because pink is your favorite color, right Mommy?”. And oh, I’m overwhelmed, but this time with gratitude. Someday the toys will all wait quietly in their box, waiting for grandchildren to come play. The Oleanders will grow undisturbed. The bath will be used only occasionally for candlelight soaks and I’ll long for splashing toddler hands. Computer time will be just for me, without anyone calling excitedly for me to come see the most exciting discovery of the day.

Thank you Lord for these little reminders to enjoy every moment that you give me with these sweet, sweet children.


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  1. an encourager says:

    A sweet reminder, Emily, for us to pay attention to, and relish the joy of, the people and things in our todays, which we might normally just take for granted without treasuring. Thanks!


  2. Susan Baldwin says:

    The joys God has given of watching your own precious, much-loved, “once-upon-a-time” baby girl raising her own family! And what a mom she is. I’m so proud of you, Emily. Congratulations on your guest blog!


  3. Haha! I picked Oleanders for my mom once and wound up with welts all over. My mom was grateful for the flowers, but decided that because of my allergic reaction it’d probably be best if I stayed out of those bushes.


  4. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    Yes, we need to remember all the little moments – they will be gone so soon.


  5. sophiadare says:

    Loved the site! I was just writing about gratefulness, and can soo relate to my precious times with my wild boys. Adding this site to my blogroll!


  6. Crunchy Christian Mom says:

    Oh, I so enjoyed this post, Emily! Thank you for your honesty, I know we can all relate.


  7. Ok, my favorite part of this post has GOT to be that picture of the Little People animal and bath toy covering the baby’s “boobies.” HAHAHA! Not only are you an incredibly sacrificial Mommy, you have such good perspective, Emily. I’m blessed in so many COUNTLESS ways to have you as a sister I look up to!


  8. Yeah, I loved that photo, too.


  9. Band of Brothers says:

    What a great inspiration you are Emily! Absolutely love the plastic man perched. Too funny.


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