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Monday, I was pleasantly surprised by a sample case of Little Debbie Muffins from the UPS man (and Little Debbie)!

Being a lover of all things muffin, I was anxious to try them. Little Pea and I opened the package and treated ourselves to one muffin, while the other girls were at school. You see, I had all intentions of rationing them out across… oh, say… 2 weeks. I mean 5 boxes should last that long right?

Well, think again! I’m sitting here on Thursday night and we ate the last Orange Cranberry Muffin today. {sigh}

Every time we had a snack, the kids wanted a muffin! Of course the Double Chocolate was their favorite, but we saved tose for dessert! We tried the Double Chocolate (YUM), Blueberry, Orange Cranberry, Lemon and Chocolate Chip. I really don’t have a negative thing to say about any of them, it’s just a matter of taste. Either I’m easy to please, or these are just really good! Little Pea loved the Lemon (or “Melon” as she says), Princess loved the chocolate chip, and HipChick loved the Blueberry.

In my opinion, the best aspect of Little Debbies Muffins are the size. My friend Bargain Briana thinks they are a little too small, but this is exactly what I like about them. When I want a treat, I can’t handle a gargantuan muffin in front of me worth 500 calories! I’ll eat the whole thing in a snap! Each Little Debbie muffin is roughly 200 calories, and it’s just enough to satisfy with out overindulging.

And I learned from Bargain Briana that in the month of June, when you buy any package of Little Debbie DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP Muffins, you get .75 back for college Upromise eCoupons.


Little Debbie is offering TWO Real Life Readers a Little Debbie Muffin sampler box with 5 boxes of muffins! Here is how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post saying which variety you’d like to try.

Leave separate comment for additional entries (5 total entries) if you:

    . This contest is open through midnight Thursday, June 11. It is open to anyone 18 or older. Review product was provided, as well as giveaway products, and no other compensation was received for this review.
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