Locks of Love

When my oldest daughter, HipChick, wanted to cut all her hair off, I was immediately taken aback. She always got comments on her long, silky hair, and loved to braid it after a bath so it would be wavy the next day. She loved putting it up in ponytails, and wearing pretty hairbands. She had told me that two of her friends had just cut their hair, and now she wanted hers like that.

My first thought was that she was just following a fad, she would end up crying at the hair salon, and she’d be sad all summer without her flowing hair. I should have given her more credit, but don’t you think that’s a reasonable concern? So I asked her if she’d be interested in donating her hair to Locks of Love. If you’ve never heard of Locks of Love, their mission is to

return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children.

I figured that if she were shell-shocked by her lack of locks, at least she would have done something for someone in need, and have a positive association.

Well, she had NO problem when the ponytail was severed! She was so excited the whole time, and when I think about it, I’m pretty sure it was me who needed a positive association.

Here is her experience in pictures:

My hair-dresser, Janelle, brushing out her last braid-induced waves.

“Why don’t we have one of these sinks?”

Are you sure you want to do this?

There’s no turning back now!

“Look, mom! No hair!”

As you can see, she looks adorable with her new bob! It was a great experience: getting an exciting new haircut, and helping disadvantaged kids!

Do you have a fun haircut story to share?


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  1. Heather says:

    That is so sweet of her! Our church did a little “Locks of Love” … I don’t know what to call it, but they encouraged the girls to do this in May and it went over well. My daughter, on the other hand she, well, she is still wrapped up in her own little world and so she didn’t want to participate. Oh well … I’m hoping she will change her mind soon – she has gorgeous long red hair, but she won’t part with it!

    ~Heather 🙂


  2. she’s just precious!!


  3. She did it! I’m so excited she decided to donate her hair. Her new style looks beautiful to boot! I think it’s wonderful to see young ones making thoughtful decisions to help others in need.


  4. She is so cute! And that haircut will be wonderful for summer. Donating the hair was a great thing to do.


  5. Very hip! I wish that my hair story turned out as well, but it involves my almost 2 year old son. I was sick in bed with the flu. I was sleeping hard, and it was early morning. He woke up and decided to pick up the scissors on my nightstand. I felt a little tug and heard the sound of hair being cut. I panickedly sat up and had a handful of long hair fall into my lap… I started crying, which of course scared him to death! A quick trip to the hairdresser, and I left with shorter hair and new layers, thanks to my little guy.

    Helpful hint to young mom’s… if you cross-stitch or needlepoint, DON’T leave your scissors on your nightstand!!


  6. Childlife says:

    Oh, what a sweetheart! She looks adorable too, Sarah 🙂

    And I love your new bloggy look – fabulous!


  7. She looks adorable with her new do!!! I love little girls with bobs. Mine wants to grow hers out–I am dreading it bc it is so much more work. 🙂

    Here is my haircut story….


  8. Oh, she looks absolutely DARLING! I love it!


  9. She is adorable with her new do!!! I remember my daughter wanting to cut off her long hair and get the bob. I think a lot of little girls make this decision right around that age. (it’s and independance thing i think… “my hair” not “mommy’s hair”.

    Oh and it was totally a reasonable concern you had about being afraid she was following a fad and would be upset later. I remember my neice crying for an hour after her first major haircut.

    Kim @ TheBitterBall


  10. That cut is darlin’ on her. Such a tiny little girl with all that hair!!
    That cut is super sophisticated, yet fun and young all at the same time.
    What an admirable thing she did. kudos to you for suggesting it.
    She will make at least one person’s world brighter for her gift.


  11. Shalene says:

    What a cutie!!! We’re going tomorrow to do the same thing. My six year old daughter wants her hair cut, and she says she wants to donate it to other little girls that don’t have hair of their own. She’s even prayed that the little girl that gets “her wig” will be happy. I think it’s so sweet (and makes me feel a little proud, I have to admit) when our young ones think about others that have needs that they could meet. Great story, thanks for sharing. Perhaps I’ll place some photos on my blog too. It’s been a while since I posted, so I’m due for something interesting for people to read. 🙂 Have a great weekend, and blessings to you!


  12. Heather says:

    She looks so cute. My daughter just saw me reading this post and said she wanted her hair that way 🙂 We did that with her hair the first time she got it cut off dramatically. I don’t know if she will have enough hair to do it this time, but we will certainly try!


  13. melody is slurping life says:

    How wonderful of her to give in such a personal way. The new “do” is her, really. Beautiful.


  14. Cheryl Lage says:

    What a gorgeous girl, inside and out!


  15. Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home says:

    What a sweet girl and a wonderful thing for her to do. Her new “do” is adorable!



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