Look What My Hubby DId!

My wonderful Hubby built these shelves with leftover wood, and the panels from his beloved indoor climbing wall! The climbing wall had its heyday in our last house, and as yet, hasn’t found a home in the new one. But don’t worry, the wall o’ climbing can be resurrected whenever we have a place to put it… and money for more heavy duty plywood!

We don’t have a drop ceiling or sheet rock in the basement yet, but at least you can walk to the car!


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  1. Oh, how nice! Our car barely fits in the garage even without junk, so our garage is a lost cause.


  2. maryandliam says:

    yay hubby!!! how crafty 🙂 just like you 😀


  3. Hubby is really getting up in the world, especially with that Carolina blue background.
    Btw, this is pretty good proof of hubby’s existence and ultimate value, so I now believe in hubby; RealMom would certainly not have taken that much time from her busy blogging/momming schedule.
    Let me suggest an addition to the shelves: a fishtank.


  4. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    Wonderful hubby! That’s great! We have lots of shelves in the garage and it still turns into a terrible mess! We are able to park a car in there though.

    Gotta get it all straightened up before Thanksgiving though – we have a ping-pong table that rarely gets set up out there. It will be this time!


  5. Organization is always a great thing!


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