Make Shopping Fun for Kids, Too!

My bloggy friend, Christine Koh, from had to run an errand to Target to return some things. She wanted to make the experience fun for her daughter, benefiting both her daughter and a mom with a contented child! I suggested she make the trip into a scavenger hunt for Laurel, and here is what she did with it!


“Despite my attempts to simplify and streamline life, I still have plenty of errands to run. And the other week, when I couldn’t rally Laurel to get excited about the pile of returns I needed to take back to Target (tantalizing, I know…), I queried on Twitter, “How can I get Laurel to think an errand to Target this morning will be fun and exciting (other than offering to buy her the entire store)?”

I adore the fluidity of conversation on Twitter; within minutes I had several suggestions, my favorite coming from the lovely Sarah of Real Life. Sarah suggested turning the errand into a scavenger hunt, and the minute I suggested a scavenger hunt to Laurel, lame errand turned into fun adventure. Here’s what I did to keep the outing budget friendly, fun, and functional:”

Read more about Christine’s shopping scavenger hunt…

I love what she did and I’d like to hear your suggestions as well! What do you do to make routine shopping fun for your kids?

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  1. Boston Mamas says:

    Oh Sarah, thanks for the lovely feature here, and for providing the inspiration! I truly meant what I said about not wanting to simply drag Laurel around on errands… I try to make grocery shopping fun by having her help cross things off the list or find things, and engage her help/choice in picking between items at the drugstore, etc. All of this actually also sets the stage for us to discuss money, spending, and budgeting too! -Christine


  2. Real Life Sarah says:

    Oh, yeah, Christine! Little Pea is getting to the age where she needs more than to just follow me around. I was thinking of doing an "alphabet" scavenger hunt, where she has to spot the letters in abc order. Think I'll do that at the grocery store this week!


  3. Maricris Zen Mama says:

    I never thot of this at all altho we always reward our daughter a run at the toy section to play. We call it her "little playground" at Target. It always is a pleasant experience since she loved playing there and look forward to being in that area 🙂 Great thing is, we don't spend a dime for her! yes, I'm frugal! lol


  4. I remeber those days well.. toddlers in the trolley, wanting to touch everything and screaming when they can’t. I always found that a toy and a biscuit were a must and a constant running commentary on what I was doing and asking them to choose between things like colours of toilet-roll.
    Well done on a great website!
    .-= Davina´s last blog ..Clockwork Madness Arcade Game =-.


  5. Thanks for this great information, I am totally following you on this.


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