Michael Bolton’s Still Got It: One World, One Love

Remember the long, curly-haired Michael Bolton from the 80’s and 90’s? Yeah, I was always jealous of his hair too! But alas, much of his hair is gone now, and he’s back with the same incredible voice, kicked up a notch.

Michael has sold over 53 million records, and received many awards.  He’s performed with musicians such as Luciano Pavarati and Ray Charles, and written songs for Barbara Streisand, Cher and KISS. Yes, that’s right… KISS! :p

Michael Bolton

Because of my relationship with Team Mom and Music Moms, Universal sent me a sneak preview CD to listen to, and let you guys know what I think.  Being a musician myself, I have pretty strong thoughts about music.  I really do enjoy all types of music, and have fun listening to new artists.

Even though Michael Bolton isn’t a new artist, his sound is new for him.  A little more laid back, still soulful, and a little more modern.

The new album, “One World, One Love” hit stores on May 4th, and he’s embarking on a 6-month tour across the US and Europe through September 2010.

My thoughts:

When I saw the cover with Michael, I was really hoping the album would be more on the acoustic side, more vulnerable, showcasing his amazing voice without overproduction.  The first song, Ready for You starts with congas and guitar, and I really liked the feel. The beginning was almost reminiscent of Sting, and the melody is really catchy.  The second song, Just One Love, I felt, went back to the piano and electronic drum tracks of the ’90s, but classic Michael Bolton Fans will love this.

The third, I Need You To Fall starts out again with acoustic guitar which I love with Michael’s voice, and then adds a catchy beat on acoustic drums.  In The Best, he went for trying something totally new with a hip-hop-ish feel, including the electronically engineered voice.  At first it didn’t sit well with me, but the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me.  I definitely applaud him for trying new things!

My favorites are definitely You Comfort Me and Crazy Love.  The melody of You Comfort Me is exquisite, and I love the acoustic piano and harmony.  Speaking of harmony, you should hear Michael and I harmonizing on Crazy Love! We totally rock!!

Here is You Comfort Me.  Tell me what you think of it!

And, by the Way, Michael Bolton is really funn too.  Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel with a little self-depricating humor.  I love it when huge stars can do this.

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