Missed Something at Blissdom? Get Everything at Home!

After three years of attending the Blissdom Social Media Conference, it never ceases to get better and better each year.  The awesome networking, the brands who create fun interactive experiences for us, the musical entertainment, the swanky parties (To which everyone is invited!).  But by far the best thing about Blissdom is the professional teaching that takes place.  Getting to gather with the smartest minds in blogging and social media is such a treat.

I went to a lot of great sessions, but there were some that I really wanted to catch.  With four tracks and lots of stuff going on, you just cant get to it all! Some that I wish I would have attended are:

  • Advanced Monetization is Not for Whiny Complainers: Make Your Own Opportunities
  • Viral Marketing and Twitter: Momentum of Word of Mouth
  • Implementation and Professionalism: The Stage is Set, Now Deliver
  • “I’m a Blogger Not a Writer!”: Demystifying the Romantic Notion of the Writing Life

There are so many more.

So how awesome is it that Blissdom at Home is launching today? You can get all of the recorded resources to peruse at your own pace, and you don’t even have to pay for a plane ticket and shlep yourself to Nashville!

They are adding cool stuff each and every day, but right now, they have

  • Slide shows from most of the sessions
  • Audio and video of the Keynote from Scott Stratten, as well as some of the other sessions
  • Behind the scenes story, videos and more from the Flash Mob
  • More exclusive video footage
  • and so much more

So after years of wishing I could pack up Blissdom in my suitcase and take it home with me, I CAN! And you can too!  Here’s how:

Click here to sign up for your Blissdom at Home Membership. It’s $99 for unfettered access to all the information, plus comments and discussion from other members. Yes, I know, $99. BUT… it can cost nearly $900 to actually go to the conference, including registration, air fare, hotel room, and expenses.

What are you waiting for!? I’m going to dig into the Bliss this week, and they say they’ll be adding new stuff every day this week! Let me know if you become a Blissdom at Home insider!

Yep. These are affiliate links.  I went to the monetization panel during the Wisdom Workshops, and I’m using that info, baby! I also received a complimentary membership, since I presented on the Hyper-local (AKA: Hyper LOCO) Panel with Laura Bleil and Jo-Lynne Shane.

CORRECTION: I originally included Brene Brown’s keynote as a resource, but that is not guaranteed yet.  Scot Stratten’s Keynote IS on the site!

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  1. Oh this is SO awesome! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I can’t wait to get in this because there were so many sessions I missed. Hard to see everything! Yay Hyperlocos! 🙂


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