Mom Blogging Minute, with Darren Rowse

Ever since I realized my love for blogging just under two years ago, I’ve considered ProBlogger, with Darren Rowse ‘required reading.’ The other day, I read his tips on landing interviews for your blog, and I decided to take his advice to heart right away to create a series of interview posts! I pounded out an email to Darren with a burning question! I have been so impressed with how Darren will take time out to engage with all types of bloggers.

Plus, it’s already tomorrow in Australia right now, and that is SO cool! Anyway…

Sarah asked:

We are seeing Mom Blogs recognized more and more as respected contributors to the blogging community, in part through reviews, sponsored giveaways and great quality writing. What is one piece of advice you’d give a mom blogger to broaden the appeal of her blog and draw in a diversity of readers?

Darren said:

Having never been a Mom Blogger I’m taking a bit of a stab in the dark here…. but my guess would be that in the ‘Mom’ space there would be a lot of diversity and sub niches. You’ve got Moms who are stay at home, Moms who are working part time or even full time, Moms with a whole range of interests (from tech, to craft, to sport, to movies, to… you name it), Moms of different ages, different ethnic backgrounds, of different… well you get it.

So what I’d probably suggest to bloggers wanting to get into this niche is to think about what type of reader you want to attract and to target them rather than just writing for ‘Moms’. Sure there will be some topics that will be relevant for most Moms – but I wonder if some of the big blogs in the niche might have already grabbed that audience and perhaps it might be more worthwhile to get a little more focused upon some of the sub niches within the space?

Other than that I guess for me in all types of blogging it comes down to creating useful content that meets a need or solves a problem. Every post you write should be meeting a need of potential readers. The need might be for information, entertainment, a sense of belonging, motivation or inspiration, news… the list goes on. If you’re not meeting a need or solving a problem with your content you’re not likely to get a reader to come back again – so be as useful as possible in whatever you do and you put yourself in a position for people to become loyal to you and share your blog with someone in their network.

So what about you? If you’re a blogger, with what niche within the Mom Blogging community do you feel most connected? What needs do you seek to meet with your blog? I’ll answer in the comments, but I want to hear from you first!

If you’re not a blogger, what benefit do you get from reading mom blogs?

Stay tuned next week, when we’ll have another interview from someone really cool!

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  1. hey sarah, i’m a lurker on your blog, but have recently been twittering and see your stuff there all the time. so i thot i’d comment as this really appeals to me.

    i have really had a hard time nailing down my niche. i’m a mom, but my son is 11 so i dont’ feel like i’m really a mommy blog, as i’m not in the infant/toddler stage. i’m a christian, but dont’ really feel like i’ve conntected to the devotional niche as i like to write about other stuff too–like movies, food, crafts and such.

    i’d love to have someone critique my blog and give me some ideas on where i could find my niche. i just started reading darren about 2-3 mo ago.

    thanks for interviewing him,
    gail in idaho


  2. Heather @ Not a DIY Life says:

    Saw your tweet and had to come read. Darren always gives such great advice!

    Within the “Mommy Blogger” category, I am a Christian mom of a toddler. I use the cute kid factor a lot, plus I share my journey as a mom and a Christian.



  3. Musings of a Housewife says:

    Love this idea of an interview series! And I love Darren’s advice. For me, I’ve just recently decided what my purpose is. I’m a story teller. What I offer is entertainment, and assurance that we are all in this together (us moms) and we are all experiencing the same thing. I try to be authentic so that people can relate to me.

    I don’t think there is a undiscovered niche that I can tap into, but what I’m doing has worked well this far, so my goal is to continue to hone my skills and hopefully create a community of moms that can encourage one another in my little corner of cyberspace! 🙂


  4. Wow, focusing on a niche can be difficult. I blog about my life, my kids’ lives, my pets, my problems, my business, product reviews, etc. I try to make sure my posts are read-worthy but is it considered useful when it is just talking about something that happened to us? I guess it could be entertaining… This really makes you think about what you post on your blog, doesn’t it?


  5. Donna @ Way More Homemade says:

    DJane has a good point… makes me think about what I post.

    I don’t think it’s possible (for me at least)to completely focus on a single niche. A lot of mine is food related… but it’s not a food blog – that’s where the recipe blog comes into play. There’s still life that happens that I will continue to write about.

    I guess I’m not a serious enough blogger to think that much about it.


  6. alohamonkeys says:

    I think I’m with Donna. I’m not a serious enough blogger to have a niche. I think one of the main purposes of my blog is to use it as a creative outlet and to keep my family and friends who are interested up to date on our family life.


  7. I am literally the “odd man out,” and I don’t read many blogs, but yours is one of them. Darren’s advice:”creating useful content that meets a need or solves a problem… Every post you write should be meeting a need of potential readers…” rings true. Following this course is more important than padding up with a lot of content.


  8. Stephanie's Mommy Brain says:

    I’m trying to narrow my blog a little this year by focusing on Home Management and Motherhood (that part lets me slide in the cute pics of my kids). It’s hard to narrow my blog. I approach it kind of like I’m having a girls night out, which means the conversation is going to cover ever topic imaginable. = )


  9. Cynthia - says:

    I love Darren! He’s really on it and so responsive.

    I’ve been working to narrow my focus too. But I would say the “purpose” of my blog is mostly helping people laugh at laugh, themselves, or me!

    Life is such a big topic and so much happens all the time!


  10. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    My blog is such a variety, but my regular readers and friends seem to like it that way – a mixture of tea, chocolate, recipes, theme weeks, occasional serious or motivational posts, pictures of family, etc. My purpose is really stress-relief and taking a nice little chocolatey break, though I’m not sure how much of that comes through.


  11. Janel@Dandelion Dayz says:

    Wow – both this one and the one from Jo-Lynne are great advice. Thanks for these interviews!


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