My Blissdom Recap Recap Post

For the past two days, I’ve been trying to think of what I would say about Blissdom, last weekend’s conference sponsored by Blissfully Domestic. And there is not much that others haven’t said already. So I’m going to share a few things, and then link to some of the best recaps I’ve found.

Maria Bailey, author of the new book Mom 3.0 sponsored the hotel room for Jo-Lynn, Sarah, and me! I can’t thank her enough, because this conference will definitely be something of a turning point for me. Maria’s book is a must read for Mom Bloggers interested in marketing and marketers reaching out to moms! Jo-Lynn and Sarah were the perfect roommates, and delightful women!

{OK, I totally look pregnant in that shirt. The camera adds 10 pounds right?}

Also, Disney treated us to a special screening of the new Yanni Voices, featuring four of the most exquisite new voices on the scene, which was a real treat for me, being a musician. Especially when two of the singers, Ender Thomas and Nathan Pacheco walked in the door and sang Happy Birthday to a few of the attendees! I must say I liked Nathan’s music the best, because it brought out my great love of opera and art music! You can listen the songs here.

Getting to meet bloggers I have been talking with online for years was surreal! I learned what a small world it is, as one of my roomates, Sarah, actually went to the same college I did, in the tiny town where I live now. We found that we have several mutual friends, including Jan, with whom I lived the summer I met my husband!

Being together with so many brilliant, energetic women was completely invigorating. My mind ran with so many possibilities that I was really overwhelmed. Now, if I can just get time to implement all the plans I’ve made in my head!

I loved meeting bloggers, like Jessica Smith, and Amy Blair, whom I regard as immensely talented and brilliant. They are two of the most generous and genuine women, and it was neat to get to know them on a more personal level. Traveling to and from Nashville with Julie Maloney: well, what can I say! We had fun, talked non-stop, laughed, she told me her life story! I’m glad to say that she is now a precious friend – and we brainstormed some amazing ideas!!!!

And I’m delighted to have so many NC blogging friends now withing driving distance! I feel like I made a special connection with Lisa, from Simply His, the WordPress genius/biker chick/inspirational spirit.

So you can see that my favorite part of the weekend was the networking! I am totally a social being! We actually did learn some meaty nuggets of blogging knowledge. I couldn’t explain them right now if I tried, since it’s all still swimming around in my brain, so go read these posts:


Advice For Mom Bloggers, From Mom Bloggers, by David at The Social Path
Despite being hopelessly male, David really ‘gets’ mom bloggers. Maybe that’s why he’s a social media consultant for Little Debbie, who provided yummy 100 Calorie Snacks! Those Chocolate Cakes are the perfect finish to a day of social networking!

Was Blissdom 09 Worth It? by Sarah at Genesis Moments
This is the post I will go to when I actually want to process what I learned. Good information here!

Sing Your Song, by Peggy Reaves, of Embracing Life
Peggy really communicates the inspirational message of Blissdom. If you are feeling unsure about your writing (or life in general) read this post and you will be encouraged!

Secret Agent Mama and I, in our Kohl’s finds

Lunch when we got to the hotel

The quite dramatic Robin and Sarah

On the town with Briana and John (David and Julie are somewhere around there too!)

Read tons more Blissdom posts at Musings of a Housewife, and link up your own!

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  1. Musings of a Housewife says:

    Fun recap, and it was SO exciting to meet you. Don’t forget to link up to my Mr. Linky post! 🙂


  2. It was great to meet you! Wasn’t BlissDom just a blast? I wish it wasn’t so short.


  3. Lisa B @ simply His says:

    I totally loved meeting you and have a feeling we are kindred spirits 🙂 You could have done without adding the pict of me 😀 but I still luv ya anyway!

    I wish we could have talked even more but I’m thankful especially for the Saturday night chat. I will be in touch soon 🙂 Still processing the weekend!


  4. Casual Friday Everyday says:

    You so do not look pregnant. I love that shirt.

    Are you planning on blogher?



  5. Bargain Briana says:

    You look great in that shirt! 🙂

    Glad I was able to meet you and thanks for taking the pictures! I only took 4 the entire trip and they all turned out kind of bad!


  6. Mel @ A Box of Chocolates says:

    I’m so happy that you had a great time at BlissDom! I love looking at everybody’s pix. I am totally going next year!


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