My First Blogger Mixer: at the Primrose School

I’m finally getting to fill you in on the awesome NC Blogger mixer I attended at the Primrose School of Morrisville, NC!

Ever since I decided to reveal my location in NC, the North Carolina Bloggers have been coming out of the woodwork! One advantage to that has been getting to see in person, the people I interact with on a daily basis.

Here are the gals I met there:

That’s Jen~ One Mom’s World, Maria Bailey, from BSM Media and Mom Select, Malise of Carolina Mama, Me, Mari ~ Mari’s Morning Room, and Molly, from Go Mom.

When visiting Cary throughout the years, I have seen a little building called “Primrose School of Cary” and wondered what it was. I assumed it was just another preschool, but I never followed up to find out the details. So when we were invited to go inside the Primrose School of Morrisville, I jumped at the chance.

The Primrose School is definitely NOT “just another preschool.” In fact from this former educator’s point of view, it’s just the opposite.

There are Primrose Schools in 16 states, serving ages 6 months to 5 years, and up to age 12 in their afterschool programs. They all share the same philosophy, high standards, and accredited proprietary curriculum (that means it’s uniquely developed by Primrose Schools)

When I asked if the philosophy was based on a classical education model, or more toward Montessori, they said it was a little of both. From the website, the Primrose philosophy is:


between learning and nurturing; self-discovery and guided exploration


between your family and your child’s teachers; classroom learning and experience learning


that leads your child toward lifelong achievement

I was SO impressed with everything I saw at the school, and the franchise owners I met. The safety procedures, the cleanliness, the understanding of child development, and the FUN! The only bad thing is that there isn’t a location in my part of the state! If you want any information about the school, curriculum, franchise opportunities, visit

Here is a little video peek into our visit.

Let me know in the comments: What do you look for in a school for your preschooler?

This blog post contains only my opinion on Primrose Schools, please research and form your own opinions before deciding on childcare for your family!

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  1. Carolina Mama says:

    It was such a great time! So glad we could all get together! And the Primrose is all that.


  2. says:

    Looks like a total blast. Hoping I can meet some mommy bloggers in my area, too.



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