My Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure

Living in a small mountain town is a mixed blessing.  We have beautiful scenery, really nice people, and lots of space! But at the same time, I have to drive an hour to get to the nearest Target, we have one movie theater, one small mall, and not too many “cutting edge” events.

So when I got an invitation from Disney to attend the advanced screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in Charlotte, I told my husband, “Let’s get out of town and go on an adventure!”  So we got a babysitter and headed “down the mountain,” as they say.  We really didn’t know how much of an adventure it would be!

We headed out at 4:00 for the 7:00 show.  Surely, three hours was enough to budget for a two-hour trip, right? Well, apparently not, because we got stuck literally standing still on a 10 mile strip with the WORST traffic in Charlotte! Oh- this was after Google Maps sent us the wrong way on 485.

Soon after we hit the brick wall of cars, the red light on the dash turned on.  Yup!  We were out of gas.  The car said we had 3 miles, but I’ve learned never to really trust those things.  The nearest gas station was a couple miles down the road, but who knew how long it would take to get there?

With the scarcity of one particular liquid came an abundance of a certain other liquid.  Yup!  You know when you have to pee so bad that you can’t talk or think, and you’ll explode any moment?  Yeah, that.  We had to pee. We knew we would be late already, and having to stop would make it much worse.  I imagined us stranded on the side of the highway with an empty gas tank and wet pants!

We had been told that if we were late, they would begin selling seats to the general public, and we started to panic.  We’d been driving for three hours, and would be crushed if we didn’t get to see Jack Sparrow in 3-D! So I emailed the PR rep, who was so gracious and accommodating.  Even though she was in Atlanta, she let her people at the theater know. Phew!

So we finally got to a gas station, filled up and…um… unfilled. We got to the theater around 7:30, and set out to find the rep to get to our seats.  Well, he was already in the theater, and the manager couldn’t find him in the dark.  She had spotted a few empty seats, and said we could tell the security guard it was OK to go in.

Pirates of the Caribbean Screening

Maricris, Megan, me and Amy

The security guard was very serious about his job, and wasn’t going to let these two theater crashers come in to a closed event.  He was told to strictly close the event right at 7, and let no one in.  And that meant no one! We went out to get the manger who told us to go in.  We were not driving three hours to walk out of the theater.  When the general manager sent one of her other managers to escort us in, we thought we were good to go, until she agreed with the security guard as we got to him! She was going to try to keep us out!  I resisted the urge to start in with, “Do you know who I think I am?!”  {just kidding, really, I would never say that}.  But I did say, “Didn’t your supervisor just ask you to escort us in?”  And that did it.  We were in.

Yes, I know it was our fault for being late, but we were SOOO excited about seeing the movie!

And Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides did not disappoint! It was amazing.  And 3D.  My review will be out tomorrow, the movie will also be out Friday.  But I figured the trip itself needed an entire post!

As a bonus I got to see my friends Maricris, Megan, and Amy, and it was my first time meeting Amy in person!  She was one of the founders of the Blood:Water Belt project!  All in all, it was a GREAT night!  And it sure was an adventure!

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  1. Amy
    Twitter: amyjbennett

    So glad they let you in! Looking forward to your review!


  2. What an adventure!


  3. We are so excited about the movie and cannot wait to see it.


  4. Wow, what an adventure. I’m so glad it turned out well in the end. Thanks for the heads up that it is a good movie. I was wondering if after having so many sequels this one would be any good. I can’t wait to see it.


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