NC Snow Storm Measurement, Redneck Style



Here in the mountains of North Carolina, we’re used to snow. But it’s not often that we have more than a couple of inches. We were so excited about the impending snowpocalypse that we wanted to make sure we had an accurate measurement tool. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find our garden gnome, which would have made a great Sgnome-ometer.

In true redneck fashion, we searched the house for something with which we could accurately measure the snowfall progression. Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup was recently on sale, so I happened to have quite a stockpile.

As of 8:00 am, the SnowCan-o-mometer shows¬†2.056 soup cans of snow, and it is still coming down. It’s a good thing the soup was on sale, because I may have to add another one!

What do you measure snow with at your house? 

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