Nuggets For Blogging Success from BlogHer, What are Yours?

I wanted to title this post “Things that make you go “Hmmm…” but I figured I’d go with a more informative title!

I’m really no good at those long, witty and interesting recaps of Blog Conferences. I really wish I could sum up the whole weekend for you, but at this point, I’m all BlogHer-recapped-out!

I learned so much from all those that I met and spent time with in Chicago, but a couple of people blew me out of the water with their statements. I thought I’d share them with you here, and ask you to share your best “nuggets” of knowledge.


I spent some great time in the MomSelect/MomTV Suite with incredibly inspiring Maria Bailey. I laughed, I cried (really, ask Danielle!), and had a few moments of low-key, good ol’ fashioned “hanging out”! I can’t remember how the conversation got started, but Maria mentioned that someone had asked her, “How do you get to be an ‘A-list’ blogger?”

We all agreed that the term “A-list Blogger” doesn’t really mean much, and shouldn’t really be a goal in itself. However, she said something I thought was really profound.

(paraphrasing) Whatever these successful bloggers did to become just that, you would not want to emulate! If you want to be successful, you have to do what other people haven’t done before, and not just copy what others are doing.



I also got to meet and hang with John Kim, creator of Whrrl, who is an inspiring innovator, as well as all-around kind person. At lunch with the Wii Mommies, he said he had actually looked at our blogs after meeting us and had some suggestions. I thought it was really neat that he actually took an interest and the time to learn about us.

I have been planning a re-design of Real Life to reflect more of what it has become, so I kind of cringed at the thought of John looking it over. But I had one of those “slap your forehead” moments and a great compliment from him.

John mentioned that when he met me, and spent time at the EA Party, I was so energetic, full of life, funny, and “larger then life.” (Oh, stoooooop!!) But my about page on the blog is so factual and doesn’t give my personality (and stunning beauty- my addition) an accurate picture. He’s so right!

Reflecting on that with Jason Keath, he said, “Why don’t you have a video on your about page?” Uh…. Yeah, why don’t I? Duh… Why haven’t I done that yet, can someone please tell me?


And last but not least, Kelby Carr and Amy Lupold Bair drove it home that we can ditch the pretense, pomp and circumstance at these conferences, and be ourselves! What delightful women to be around! I felt the same way talking to them at Blissdom, and it was such a welcome reprieve from women sizing each other up and trying to impress each other. I was SO delighted to see them on the trolley to my first official BlogHer event, an awesome dinner with the Frito-Lay people!


So, tell me: What is your “nugget” of knowledge or inspiration from BlogHer ’09?

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  1. ExtraordinaryMommy says:

    I'm not sure I could stop at just ONE nugget of wisdom – but did find that LISTENING was key – I loved hearing the suggestions, thoughts, critiques, etc from so many amazing women.

    Like you, I did hear how important it was to 'just relax' and 'be yourself' – fortunately we were surrounded by so many like minded people (mainly women) it made it easy to let your guard down and just 'be'.

    Like I did at Blissdom, I adored chatting with you at BlogHer – only wish there was more time for that. Can't wait to see you again.

    And, I LOVE that you cried. Really.


  2. John Kim says:

    Thanks for the kind words Sarah. I am always full of suggestions so watch out. So glad we met!


  3. ScrappinMichele says:

    Great points! I enjoyed meeting you too in the MomTV Suite. I learned so much from so many people. Next year, I have to remember to take notes because it's still all rushing around in my head.


  4. Some nice pieces of wisdom here Sarah. As long as you are always working to improve things, that is the important thing. I am working on some of these simple things for my blog as well. It is a constant evolution.


  5. Every time I read a Blogher post, I so wish I was there! Thank you for sharing such great nuggets of information.


  6. I wasn't at BlogHer but I have enjoyed reading about it and hope to go next year!


  7. Painter Mommy says:

    Great post! I love the part about how to become an A List blogger. The fact that it shouldn't be our goal is nice. I am so sick of this competitive blogging thing. I am just me and I think being yourself no matter who you are will definitely get you somewhere.

    I am glad that you had a great time and I am excited that it will be held in NYC next year (only an hour from me) YAY!

    Have an awesome rest of the week. Happy Bloggin'!



  8. Heather Kephart says:

    Good post! It's so nice to hear that Kelby's as nice in person as she is on the net.


  9. Boston Mamas says:

    Sarah, I've already told you this over email but it was fantastic to meet you IN REAL LIFE! You truly do have such good mojo — your genuineness and light are so refreshing!



  10. I wasn't there this year, but have already bought my ticket for '10. I really enjoyed reading this post, and you gave me some great things to keep in mind. šŸ™‚



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