October 31st Recap

There’s nothing like yucky pumpkin guts, costumes and candy to bring a family together! We had a lot of fun this week getting ready for October 31st, here are a few highlights.

You can see that HipChick had a great time digging into the slimy pumpkin innards, and loved getting her hands dirty! This has been a new development since starting school last year.
Princess and Pea still haven’t gotten the whole “getting yucky is fun” thing yet.
We did the Pumpkin Carving Devotion I published last week, and the kids loved it.

I don’t need to use my hands! This spoon is good enough, thank you very much!

Yum!! Roasting pumpkin seeds!

Touch that slimy stuff? You’ve got to be kidding!

Wednesday, we got ready to go to the local church’s Fall Festival. Of course HipChick and Princess had tobe…well…Princesses. Pea donned a cheerleader costume she “inherited” from her older sisters. The older girls were thrilled when I brought home press-on nails for them to wear. Most of the nails held on through the night. Of course, anyone whom Princess saw was subject to the thrusting of her nails in his/her face in lieu of a greeting!

Last but not least, Pea really got into her cheerleader role. She ran around shaking the pom-poms and yelling, “Go Team!”

I’ve shared this at Wrapped Emotions this week, where we were prompted to do something special with the family, and share it. We do things together a lot, but I rarely concentrate on the special feelings of being with my children and husband. It felt good.


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  1. Jenny is Live & In Color says:

    These are some gorgeous girls! They do keep us busy, don’t they? I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have a saying in our house; “Girls Rock!”


  2. MorningSong says:

    What fun! They look like they enjoyed every moment.



  3. They are very cute!! Looks like everyone had a great time!

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  4. What sweet fun! I’m with the Pea on this one – touch that slimy stuff? Yuck! 🙂


  5. The Surrendered Scribe says:

    I’m not a pumpkin carver either because of the slimy stuff! You have beautiful girls, just beautiful!


  6. so sweet! looks like a super cute week!


  7. Love,Love,Love the girls!! I always remember the times when I was growing up doing the whole “Pumpkin” thing. Of course now I have something to go along w/ that since you posted the devotional. I do have to admit though that this year we didn’t do a pumpkin. It just got too hectic this fall and we didn’t even buy one. Whats even more sad is that we grew some pumpkins which would have been great except for the heat killed the plant, but not before I got a couple small pumpkins. Really, All I had to do was go to my back yard.
    Hooray for you Sarah! I’m glad you are building those memories w/ your girls and I’m sure they will continue them w/ their children as well.


  8. ~ Melody ~ says:

    Oh Sarah, your girls are beautiful! I love this post and the photos. What fun! And it’s not just girls, I have one son who pukes when he touches pumpkin guts. 🙂

    I’m happy to hear that you made certain you “felt” the fun with your family this week.


  9. Nesting Momma says:

    So cute. My little one was a cheerleader as well!


  10. Oh how precious, three girls in the house! They are all adorable. Glad you enjoyed your Halloween evening. You guys did the exact same things we did. Good to see you at WE.


  11. Beautiful princesses! :O)


  12. What beautiful princess’s and an adorable cheerleader!!!




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