On the Creative Naming of Dinner, or “Fish Balls!”

Yesterday, I went to the Grocery Store, and paid $103 for $233 worth of food. Yay me!  I love coupons. But anyway, enough bragging.

I came home with my haul, and put it away promptly.  My husband was at a rehearsal for his Middle School Band.  Yes, he listens to squeaky clarinets for a living. So I wanted something really easy for dinner.  We had some leftover Baby Back Ribs in the fridge, but not enough for the whole family. (plus, I wanted to hoard those for myself). So I pulled out the SeaPak Popcorn Fish I had gotten with a coupon, and proudly told the kids we’d be having POPCORN FISH for dinner!

Popcorn FishSurprisingly, I heard a chorus of  “Ewwwww.”  “Yuk.” “Blech!” and I swear it was in harmony, too!

“What’s wrong with Popcorn Fish?” I asked.

“We don’t like that!”

“It’s just like Fish Sticks…” I reasoned.

And then, I got a great idea.  I made up a name they could NOT resist! One that would easily fit into a catchy song, so they would see how totally fun and yummy Popcorn Fish would be.

“… except it’s fish BALLS!!!”

{a moment of silence}

“YAY!! We like Fish Balls, yay!” As they danced out of the room to wait for me to cook their exciting, tasty dinner.

Seriously? A change of name is all it took? I’ll have to remember that next time I serve Brussell Sprouts, but somehow I don’t think that one will work.

My kids’ reaction reminded me of something my dad did when we were kids. I distinctly remember him coming in from grilling hamburgers, only to hear us moan, “Not hamburgers again!” “We don’t want hamburgers.” “Hamburgers are yucky!”

Brilliantly, my dad was thinking on his feet and said,” But these are not hamburgers… these are KIDburgers.”

“Kidburgers? Really? Yay! We love Kidburgers!”

I guess the apples don’t fall too far from the tree, huh? What creative names do you have for dinners at your house?

PS. Incidentally, we loved the Popcorn Fish.  They were actually much better than fish sticks, in my opinion, and I could tell they were made from big chunks of fish, not minced. I think I’ll try these in easy Fish Tacos next time.

This post is dedicated to Gregory Ng, Frozen Food Master, with whom I had the pleasure of reviewing Evol Frozen Burritos. We had one clear favorite of the bunch, click here to see which one.

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  1. Works with Brussels sprouts, too. My kids love them, but only if I call them baby cabbages. Then again, it could just be that they appreciate the magical thing that happens to them when you roast them in a cast iron pan with bacon grease–the sprouts, not the kids.


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    I heart this comment. You’re the best, Cindy!


  2. seriously LOL… love the name change. What’s in a name, anyway? And yes, I’m singing the Fish heads song too!


  3. LOL – My guys would be giggling or smirking over the name (depending on the age) – sadly, they don’t eat fish. I LOVE fish. They like shrimp – but not like Long John Silvers! So sad! I won’t be able to try out your fish name – and they would LOVE that:)


  4. I love your “not sponsored by” disclaimer!


  5. Judy
    Twitter: sharperimage

    Cindy said: “Works with Brussels sprouts, too. My kids love them, but only if I call them baby cabbages.”

    Sure didn’t work with my kid. I called them little cabbages, and she was okay with it until she popped on in her mouth, then out came the Ewwww face. “They feel funny!” Whoever heard of a brussel sprout “feeling funny”. and not funny – haha, just funny – weird. Go figure. I do like the “fish balls” idea though. I’ve only done fish sticks which are always a hit.


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