Operation Christmas Child Blissdom Shoebox Report (and a cute video)

Do you know what the letters OCC stand for? If you’ve read my blog a lot, lately, you do. But I decided to put some bloggers at the Blissdom Conference in Nashville to the test. I think you’re going to love this video- a sort of “man on the street” segment about the abreiviation OCC! You can also see all the great items Blissdom Bloggers brought for… (oh you thought I would give it away,didn’t you?)… OCC

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  1. So thankful that you were at Blissdom collecting goodies for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes! It looks as though you collected enough for several shoeboxes. Thanks for making it so easy to get a jump start on the sharing!


  2. What a great video, Sarah! We do the shoeboxes every year although I probably never would have thought of Operation Christmas Child being OCC until Blissdom. I think a great way to spread the word about it would be to have mom bloggers vlog their family shopping for and filling a shoe box. I know that we enjoy it as a family, shopping for kids the same age range as our own kids. That way the boys are buying things they would like to receive themselves.
    Proud of you for supporting such an important cause!
    .-= Melissa Multitasking Mama´s last blog ..To be honest… =-.


  3. Aimee
    Twitter: themommytrade

    I love to get great deals shopping to donate to OCC. My church has collected for boxes for the past several years and we are working this year to promote it all year long! We have picked new items for each month to have our church members donate. We created a Facebook fan page for the ministry at our church so that I can post when there are great deals to buy stuff for it!

    I love OCC and look forward to getting more involved with it! The items we send are such simple items that are easy to donate but have such a HUGE impact in the lives of those who receive them!

    My blog is one where I post about shopping deals and I’m starting to make note of when the item can be used for OCC! I think it will be a great way to encourage my readers to fill shoe boxes!

    Oh and I loved your video – we were just talking at church that we need to “brand” it as OCC and teach everyone at our church what “OCC” is – and we live in Orange County, CA so it might be a bit tough to do! Perhaps we should do a video like yours to get the word out!
    .-= Aimee´s last blog ..Albertson’s Deal 2/17-2/23 =-.


  4. What a great idea!

    My church is a relay center for OCC and we also collect items year round for a packing party every fall. I love this project and I am always looking for new ways to get more people involved. I love the idea of using my blog to promote the project and I’ll be checking back for ideas on how to do just that!


  5. Great video!! Keep us posted about bloggers and OCC.


  6. GREAT video! And I love reading about all the blogging. I’m a volunteer Area Coordinator for Operation Christmas Child in norrthwestern PA. I’ve been writing a blog about gathering items for packing large numbers of boxes called “Life Inside the Box”. It’s not as fancy as the ones you all write, but if you’re interested in checking it out–its http://www.occnwpa.blogspot.com

    I’d love any help or ideas you can give me.


  7. We’ve done OCC quiet a few times and truly love it!!
    What a great ‘on the street video’ and what a wonderful way to get the word out!!


  8. MommaDJane
    Twitter: MommaDJane

    What a fun video, however my twitter handle is @mommadjane I know I know, I’m strange I don’t spell it like most = mama.

    I am excited I got a chance to donate and plan to do this with my kids again this year.
    .-= MommaDJane´s last blog ..My Interview with NBC =-.


  9. Stacey
    Twitter: occ_shoeboxes

    Thanks for all your great comments about OCC! I work at headquarters in Boone, and we are excited to tap into the blogging world a little more this year to promote the project.


  10. We have done OCC for many years with our kids. Favorite part is when you see the boxes stacked in the semitruck, as we pray that they will touch each child in a personal way. Makes me cry to think of it. LOVE THEM! Hope you’ll come by our blog/vlog for a visit sometime. We aren’t connected to any other vloggers…and are looking for a vlog community. Holly


  11. Nashville, TN: Packed ur shoebox yet? Drop it off at Qdoba & get FREE FOOD! Details: http://post.ly/199tB


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