A Speck, a Prayer, and 8 Million Shoeboxes

Sometimes I feel like I’m a pretty big deal. I mean, I have this blog, right? (snort) And.. oh, yeah… I’m on YouTube.  That’s something, right? I know just about everyone in my small mountain town, so everyone here is kinda famous… ya know, since we all know each other!

But then…

God draws me out of my little world I’ve boxed myself into, into the world as HE see it.  He brings me a little farther each time, almost as if I would be too overwhelmed to see it all at once.  Each time, I transform from the center of my universe into a small speck on the outside looking in.

In a plane at night


I got a little of God’s perspective when I traveled out to Santa Ana, California to tour and volunteer in an Operation Christmas Child Processing Center. Several other bloggers were there too.  Since the International Headquarters for OCC is right here in my hometown, I kinda thought it would be just another day for me.  I have been to the processing center here many times.  I’ve interviewed the staff and volunteers.  I’ve seen people processing the boxes.  What I hadn’t done was to touch the boxes, to see into the hearts of the people who packed them, to really think about the individual children who would get the boxes. And to think that there are thousands of people going into 7 processing centers around the country each year, working together to accomplish a God-sized goal.  And they don’t even know I exist!

It’s refreshing, really, to be a speck for a while, and bask in God’s greatness.  “Less of me, Lord, and more of You in my life.”

His Hands and Feet

The OCC Processing Center is the place where shoebox donations come in from Churches, Organizations, and other collection centers.  Each box must be hand sorted and prepared to travel to it’s final destination.  It’s surreal to peek into someone’s gift, imagine them packing it with loving hands, imagine the child who will receive it along with a message that Jesus loves them.  Over 8 million boxes will travel trough centers like these.  Here are some of the scenes from our experience, and I’ll have a video to post very soon.

And did you know that it’s not too late to pack an OCC Shoebox? Check out OCC Build-A Box to pack one “online.” They will actually create your box at a processing center and ship it out for you! But the fact is you can contribute every day by PRAYING! Pray for the safe travel of the distribution volunteers. Pray for the children who receive the boxes to receive the message of Jesus Christ. Pray for the families who pack boxes.  As Franklin Graham says, “The most important thing you can send with a box is prayer.”

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  1. Molly
    Twitter: MollyinMinn

    This is such a great program. Thank you for what you are doing to make a difference and to spread the word about it. Well done.


    Twitter: reallifesarah

    Thanks Molly!!


  2. What a great program to be involved in!!


  3. ConnieFoggles
    Twitter: ConnieFoggles

    What an amazing thing to see in person, Sarah. I’ve taken part in Operation Christmas Child for years and it’s a blessing to me and my family.


  4. Lisa
    Twitter: mommyality

    One of my girlfriends was the recipient of a box as a child in Bosnia during the war. She said she has often thought about contacting the family who supplied her box, just to tell them how much it meant to her.


  5. Fadra
    Twitter: allthingsfadra

    What an awesome thing to be a part of! Thanks for sharing, Sarah. Looking forward to the video!



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