Playing With Fire

What is it with men and fire? I don’t mean striking a match and watching it till it burns their fingers. I don’t mean counting the number of times they can run their fingers through a candle flame. I don’t even mean setting paper on fire and holding it till the last possible moment. No, I mean real fire… a brush fire! Men CANNOT resist a pile of brush cleared form a plot of land, just sitting there waiting, asking to be burned!

Picture me in the kitchen doing dishes. My husband comes in, and nonchalantly says, “I think I’ll go ahead and burn that brush pile.” What sparked this desire to ravage the pile? The neighborhood developer is burning brush on several other plots today. Something about the smell of the smoke invokes an innate desire to burn more stuff! It’s encoded in men’s DNA, and futile to try to resist. Just what does the brush pile look like? Well, see for yourself. My husband is the speck with the white shirt on.

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Our conversation went like this:

S: Are you sure you can burn a pile that big safely?
J: Yeah, it’s not really that big.”
S: Still, why don’t we just split it up and burn it each time we have a campfire?
J: That would take too long. (Translation: it’s not as much fun. growl, growl)
S: I’m just not sure we should burn that big of a pile near the house.
J: It’ll be OK, I’ll stand right here with the hose.
S: (in a matter of fact tone) OK, but if the new house burns down, it’s your fault, OK?
S: (sneaks back in to get the camera, then sneaks out to take pictures)

Sorry, honey, it’s just such an interesting study of the male psyche. I have to do it for science’s sake!

A few minutes later, the pile looked like this.

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Then, this.

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That’s him with the little hose standing in front of the TOWERING INFERNO!

Before you get too worried, it died down quickly, my husband got his fire fix, then went to mow the lawn on his new riding lawn mower. (grrrrr) Then, he chopped down two trees with his chainsaw. (grrr grrr) I’m not kidding. Ladies, he’s all man, and he’s all mine!


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  1. SingForHim 94 @ Real Life says:

    HE HE! Hubby read this post and laughed! Phew!


  2. Oh this is so funny because I can so relate! We cleared our wooded lot when we built our house and had some major brush fires that had me scared the whole time they were burning. My husband tried to assure me as well that if anything did get out of control he had our neighbor’s garden hose ready. I laughed when I saw the picture of your hubby standing beside the house with that roaring fire holding the garden hose. 🙂


  3. This is indeed the truth. Man + Fire = True Love!! Loved the pictures!


  4. That made me laugh. When we were building our house and clearing the land, we had several big fires like that, but I remember the first one with my father, my husband and my son. While my mother and I go to load the trailer with more wood (big trees we had cut down) my son and husband stand guard of the fire. Never mind my back hurt so bad the next day I could hardly walk!


  5. Elizabeth F. says:

    Oh my, was my hubby at your house? No kidding, he’s the same way. When we go camping, he’s in charge of the fire. He always looks for the perfect poker…and sits by the fire for hours, stoking away. Getting it just right. Add more wood, reposition the wood, poke, poke, poke. I’m definitely appreciative of him doing this too. But, what is it with men and fire? ha..ha..


  6. Heather S. says:

    Sooo…funny! I totally agree there is just something about men and fires. Dan is on the cautious side with fires, but still loves to burn. However, your story brings to memory some events with my dad. He started young, and being 1 of 5 sons, he and his brothers built a campfire in the middle of their bedroom floor, and called it camping out. Then he grew up and tortured my grandparents one more time when he decided to burn off some tall brush in their backyard, which was just a huge hill (their house situated at the bottom of it). He started at the top of the hill. A big wind came whooshing through and carried it down the hill toward their house. Only a small creek separated it from the house. He and my grandfather had to carry my bedridden grandmother out of the house, just in case. The fire trucks arrived in time to put it out. Talk about a rush, though!
    It’s so cool you caught your pyro in action on film. Love the pix!


  7. MorningSong says:

    What great ‘Man Fun’!! This was fun to read. It also reminded me of a recent post on Beth Moore regarding letting our husbands be men!! 🙂


  8. Kevin a.k.a. Cubbie says:

    One of my prized possesion is my fire pit. I live in a development so I can’t really build a big brush fire. I have some great memories of burning our brush pile when growing up in the country.
    (Tears forming)…Excuse me I have to go burn something before I choke up.


  9. That is so funny! *And I love Kevin’s comment too*

    We live in the desert, and we have a trash pit in our little neighborhood, where the students in charge of trash duty have to burn all the trash every few days. They first separate the recyclables (can you believe they actually do that in Mexico?) and then they burn what they can. They have set the neighborhood on fire a few times in recent years, but they call on the “bucket brigade” and put it out as quickly as possible, before it spreads to the houses. It is too funny!


  10. Kim's Hotrod says:

    Did you catch him peeing in it? Boys end up doing this at some point. If a man has truly matured beyond childhood then he resorts to just spitting out water onto the fire, just to hear it sizzle. Playing in fires soothes the hunter/gatherer instincts that we have. 🙂


  11. melody is slurping life says:

    LOL with everyone else. I live in a house of males. Loved this post. 🙂


  12. melody is slurping life says:

    BTW, shortly there will be something posted on my blog for you.


  13. Anonymous says:

    We were up that way last weekend, did I lose my husband?? He LOVES TO BURN!!! We actually have a ‘burn pile’ at the edge of the woods in our backyard. He wants to burn, oh, every weekend! Its JULY in ALABAMA, we are in a DROUGHT, there’s a BAN on BURNING…I suppose this is what bring smiles to our faces in some twisted way.



  14. Anonymous says:

    In the immortal words of Bill the Cat, “Ack burrr psbpsbpsb!”

    Love, Matt



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