Precious Christmas Memory, Guest Post by Z. Smith

The first Christmas after my mother died was particularly difficult. We were very close. I went through the motions; sent out the Christmas cards and decorated my house. Nevertheless my heart really wasn’t in the festive mood. As is our family tradition, we prepared and eat Christmas dinner at our home. Although my boys are grown and living on their own, they are never too busy to gather at the old homestead for the Holidays.

My gloomy mood changed immediately however when I opened a small present from my oldest son. It contained a package of bath beads. You know the kind, a little ball filled with fragranced, soothing bath oil that dissolves quickly in a warm bath. My mother started buying me bath beads for Christmas when I was just ten years old. Through the years it became a treasured family gag and my mother would go through great lengths to camouflage that her yearly gift of bath beads.

Moses informed me that since his Oma (Dutch for grandmother) was no longer with us to carry on the family tradition, he was going to do it for her. I was deeply touched that a twenty-two year old could be that thoughtful and insightful. What a wonderful gift. I felt joyful again.

I learned right then and there that while some things are lost, new things are gained daily.

I am a wife of thirty-four years and have two wonderful grown sons. I retired in January 2008 after twenty-three years of public service. My oldest son is a NASCAR Camping World Series West driver, so my husband and I travel to each of his races. I work on his website, press releases and other media tasks. My husband is on the pit crew. My youngest is a struggling but successful small businessman (third generation plumber).

Retirement can be tough in this failing economy. Therefore, I now spend most of my time trying to save some money while still having loads of fun! One of the ways I do that is to enter lots of contests! Visit my blog, NASCAR Race Mom.


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  1. Liza's Eyeview says:

    Oh that is indeed so touching.

    Made me think of starting to give bath beads for my 10 year old – maybe that’s a tradition I can start with her this year.

    Thanks for sharing. I will visit your website and blog after we cook tonight 🙂


  2. Julie@Cool Mom Guide says:

    Awww…what a beautiful story. Merry Christmas to everyone. I’m grateful to have met you, Sarah, and you are so very precious to me! I love you!


  3. Moses’ retaining Oma’s tradition is amazing. His thoughtful gesture is what great families are made of. What better way to say: Life goes on, mama, and be thankful you’re still in it! Now go take a hot bath until you feel better.
    Oma had gone on, but Moses carried on. What a great tradition; what a great testimony from Z. Thanks for sharing it.


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