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2/9/09 My Wooden Spoon The Perfect Sweet Potato Fries
My favorite local restaurant serves the most incredible sweet potato fries! Since my husband and I have a hobby of trying to recreate our favorite restaurant meals, we did just that with the sweet potato fries. We sliced them up and threw them in the fryer, and the resulting culinary disaster ended with soggy orange stringy-things in the trash can of our kitchen.

1/20/09 Modern Media Mom
The Do’s and Don’ts of Connecting with your Teens on Facebook
A few weeks ago, I sat down with teenage techie Jordan Drake,19, who broadcasts a podcast on technology, as well as a live call-in radio show and website, called Digital Life Radio. Since Jordan scored his first job (and a Macbook Pro) from Rush Limbaugh when was 16, he’s been working professionally helping people make technology work for them.

2/13/09 Watauga Democrat Inaguration: A Teaching Moment
When Tiffany Christian’s son was in kindergarten four years ago, students were asked to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grew up. R.J., now 9, wanted to be the president at the time, so he wore a suit and went to school in all his presidential splendor.

11/08 explore… the appalachian mountains If the Weather Outside is Frightful
There is no shortage of outdoor winter activities here in the North Carolina High Country. But after your family has snow skied, snowboarded, sledded, and skated your hearts out, you may be ready for some nice, warm, indoor fun! So grab a cup of hot chocolate, shed your scarves and gloves, and come inside to enjoy a few moments of frost-free family bonding.

10/15/08 Moms in the Right A Conservative on Healthcare
In true Capitalist spirit, I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard this question, “If conservatives are so concerned about abortion, why don’t they care about poor children without health care and the chronically ill who will die without care?

High Country Mom Squad

5/04/09 Watauga Democrat: Mom’s Night Out Comes to Boone

Boone-area mothers are getting royal treatment as an advance on Mother’s Day.

A local event is planned for May 7 as part of a national celebration of motherhood, part of numerous Web sites, broadcasts, and activities in both the virtual and the real worlds to share the joys of motherhood.

Sarah Pinnix of Fleetwood is co-hosting the event at the Broyhill Inn & Convention Center. She is the founder of High Country Mom Squad, which is also connected to the “Mom’s Nite Out” celebration. Read More…

7/6/09 Watauga Democrat: Mom’s Groups Keep Growing

“I founded the mom squad community because the area lacked a central place to find information,” said creator and owner, Sarah Pinnix. “I wanted to create a central location for coupons, specials, contest and highlight the ‘best of’ the High Country for families and children.”

The Mom Squad has 12 regular writers, with some contributing weekly, others monthly.

The site is updated almost daily. The site features reviews of restaurants, special family events listings, recipes and product reviews. Visitors to the site are welcome to post comments. Read More…

Wii Mommies

4/20/09 Southern Living Mama Blogger of the Week

The “Wii Mommies Cool Guide To Fitness”is maintained by four women (two of whom are in the South) who write about their adventures in exercise with the Ninento Wii.

The site was started when South Carolinian Julie Maloney (left) shared how she lost 60 lbs using the Wii Fit. Several months later she was joined by three others moms (Jenn Hethcoat, Sarah Pinnix, and Cynthia Werry) to create the “Wii Mommies Cool Guide To Fitness.”

Watauga Democrat: A Wii Bit of Exercise
Pinnix is one of four founders of Wii Fit Mommies, but what makes her workout group special is that her partners are scattered across the country: Julie Maloney in South Carolina, Cynthia Werry in California and Jenn Hethcoat in Kansas.

2/3/09 Moms on a weight loss mission create ‘The Cool Mom Guide to Fitness by the Wii Fit Mommies’
Inspired by the success of one mom who lost 60 pounds using the Nintendo Wii Fit gaming system, four mothers joined together calling themselves the ‘Wii Fit Mommies’ to create a free online support community they call ‘The Cool Mom Guide to Fitness’

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