Pressure Cookers Aren’t Just For Canning

A lot of us are sort of afraid of PCs! No, not Political Correctness (although that kind of PC really gets on my nerves!) … Pressure Cookers! Just the thought of trying to perfectly time the placement of the little topper thingy. Is it gently rocking yet? What about the steam escaping out of the side? Will the top blow off, and turn my kitchen into a Fourth of July display? I have asked these questions myself.

I canned 13 quarts of green beans yesterday, and it got me thinking about the good ol’ pressure cooker (or PC as I call it) again. I’ve never gotten into the fancy stuff in the PC, but there are two things I LOVE to cook in the pressure cooker:

Brown Rice, and Dried Beans

For the BEST rice you’ve ever tasted, place 2 cups rice and 3 cups water in the PC. (it says to put the rice/water in a bowl and place it on the rack inside,yada yada… I’ve always just added it directly to the cooker) Add 1/4 stick butter, and a tsp of kosher salt. Cover tightly, and cook on med-hi heat. Start counting the time when the pressure gauge starts gently rocking. Cook for 10-12 minutes. Remove from the heat and let the pressure drop on it’s own. When it’s done, open and fluff with a fork. YUM!

Do the beans the same way. Add the beans and just cover the beans with water. Add a few slices of bacon (pork fat rules!), a tsp of salt, and a little pepper. Use your pressure cookers chart for cooking times. I cook pinto beans for 4-6 minutes once the gauge starts rocking.

Be sure to check your PC’s manual and follow all safety instructions. NEVER fill the PC over 1/2 full with beans or rice!

I guarantee these will be the best rice and beans you’ve ever tasted!

What do you cook in a PC?


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  1. I didn’t realize people still cooked using pressure cookers. My Mom had one when we were growing up but I’ve never used them.


  2. They are really good for cooking tough meats, too. Makes the meat softer and edible. We used one all the time in Nicaragua, but I don’t have one here! 🙁


  3. We have one and it’s kind of limited to canning beans…by my hubs, as I am still a tad leary of the thing. But maybe, just maybe I’ll try the whole rice thing as I cannot cook rice to save my life….just ask my family. So I am willing to try yet another method – and believe me, I’ve tried them all!!! Thanks!!!


  4. I cook a few things in a pressure cooker.I always cook potatoes in it when I am making mashed potatoes,it is so much faster. I also like to use it to cook beef stew.


  5. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says:

    I have never used one – haven’t even looked at one! A bit too scary for me…ha, ha!


  6. Sarah, I have only canned in mine up to this point. I might try the things you suggested. I guess it never dawned on me to cook anything in it before. (I often have a one track mind 🙂 ) Blessings to you today.


  7. nice site about pressure cooker


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