Princess and the Kiss, a Child’s Story

My second child (5), nicknamed “Princess” has a certain affinity for boys. She always has. Even when she was a baby, she was drawn to men. This has caused Judd and I considerable concern 😉 but occasionally gives us a laugh! My husband and I got quite a chuckle when our daughters proudly read us their latest story. This tale was dictated by Princess herself, and transcribed by HipChick (8), who clearly inherited her father’s spelling ability.

Princess and the Kiss

(warning, this story in no way resembles the real “Princess and the Kiss,” which is a wonderful book, encouraging kids to save their ‘kiss’ for their husbands)

Once upon a time… thar lived a pirinses named “Princess.” She had three firends named S, K, and B. The pirinces did not fit in with her firends becose she ward (weared/wore) prittyer dresses than they did and she was smaller then them.

When Princess kame home, she saw a pirince named D. He wint right up to her and kissed her, and kissed her, and kissed her, and kissed her. The next day, Princess told all her firends that J kissed her, and kissed her, and kissed her, and kissed her. And all her friends laght (laughed) like crazy!

The next day, Princess told her mom and dad. Her dad ordered D to come to the palis. When D came to the Palis,the king was fuoareous very very mad. And ordered D to the dongon.

(Now, this last part is actually quite disturbing…)

That night, D tried to eskap. He made it out of the bars but the gareds (guards) caut him. Then D got put in a sliser (slicer?) and his head got cut off.

The end.

And Princess was very joyful.

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  1. Lessa...... says:

    Sarah, that is hysterical!!! I can totally see the girls writing this up!


  2. That is so funny…I’m glad they’re writing stories so young though! Keep that up!


  3. Colleen says:

    oh my…lmoa! You need to save that so that when they are old enough for boyfriends they can make sure to show them if dad doesnt like the boyfriend what happens!


  4. Coma Girl says:

    I think she may be on to something!

    Off with their heads!


  5. and there you go… OFF w/ those little grubby boy’s heads!


  6. Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" says:

    This gave me a good laugh!

    I’m so glad you typed the story in with their spelling. It’s too cute!


  7. I had a comment that had a problem with me using kids names in the story. I removed it, because it was left anonymously, but wanted it noted that someone dissaproved. And they were right, so I changed it to initials.

    There was also a reference to another commentors quote, which is not my writing, and almost assuredly meant as a joke.

    I am sorry if anyone was offended.


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