Professional Goals for 2010

It has been such a crazy year for me, and my brand new business.  It started as a hobby, which earned me a little spending money, and now, it has blossomed into an endeavor which I must call a “business,” but which has yet to make a significant profit.  I think this is mainly due to my lack of knowledge about accounting/ business planning, and the balance issues of being a WAHM with kids home.

What exactly IS my business?  Well, I’m still trying to figure that out.  (just kidding… sort of)

Here is a recap of a few things I did this year:

  • Completed my third year of blogging at Real Life.  It’s hard to believe it’s been three years, but it also feels like an eternity ago that I wrote my first post.
  • Completed my second year of  my e-zine High Country Mom Squad.
  • Brought High Country Mom Squad to local access TV for a season of weekly shows.
  • Finished a year of Wii Mommies, a fitness gaming support site I co-founded with two other bloggers, Julie and Jenn
  • Started a monthly Social Media Marketing Workshop, Talk of the Town.
  • Attended three conferences: Blissdom 09, BlogHer (Thanks to EA SPORTS Active), and Type-A-Mom Conference
  • Became an Online radio co-host with Wii Mommies BlogTalkRadio
  • Became an online TV Host at MomTV.
  • Switched Real Life to WordPress from Blogger. (now THAT was a job!)

It seems like a lot (not to mention getting back on stage in pointe shoes for the first time in 15 years)!  So why do I still feel like I accomplished less than I should this year? (just get used to the bullet lists!)

  1. I am always too hard on myself, no matter what.
  2. I accomplished a lot, but not the “right” things.
  3. I am surrounded by tons of overachieving bloggers who do twice what I do and live to tell about it.
  4. I’m a lazy bum and have no business calling myself a professional blogger. (obviously I’m joking on that one… sort of)

I am truly searching for an answer on that one.  But in the meantime, it’s time for me to get focused on some goals for 2010. I don’t make “resolutions.”  If I create a rule or a law for myself, I will not keep it.  I’m too rebellious for that.  But I feel strongly about the need to focus myself for this next year.  Little Pea will be going to school in August, so this is my chance to avoid going back to being a full-time Public School Music Teacher.  My husband needs a break from feeling pressured to work two jobs every year (Teaching and Landscaping).

So here goes, a few goals to make my year productive, yet efficient (the Nirvana of a WAHM!)

  • Narrow my focus. Not really sure how to do that, but I am all over the place.  I will also try not to take on any new endeavor without letting one go first.  You hold me to that, folks!
  • Write more thoughtfully.  I’ve noticed that my very nest posts were back in 2007 when I started blogging.  I think I’ve done a turnaround with wanting to share myself vulnerably on the blog, and wrote more “life of the party” type stuff. Don’t worry, I’ll still be the life of the party, but I’d like to get some of the depth back- and bring my faith back into the blogging.
  • Monetize with affiliates and blog sponsors. I have a ton of work to do on the Affiliate thingy, and it may be tough, since I’m not a product or deal-centered blog.   But as bloggers, we do not have a publishing company paying us a salary, or even per article.  I really need to get my sponsor sheet all spiffy, so when I get these, “You may want to feature _________ on your blog” emails, I can say “cha-ching.”
  • Become “source” for something. If I want to bring in income, I have to provide a service.  I think I have an idea of what I can do short term, but you could help by saying why you read Real Life.  What do you come here for?  What should I be doing more of?
  • Be more deliberate with my time. I am going to make a blogging schedule, with when I will work on which projects and blogs.  When I will check and respond to email, and when I will NOT work.  I will not work from 4:00-7:30, when the kids are home from school, and I’ll shut down at 10:30 each night.  Of course, there will be a exceptions in emergencies, but this is the goal.

Tell me, what are your goals for 2010?  Feel free to leave a link to a “goals” post in your comment!

And join me on Thursday at 1 PM est on MomTV, as we talk Goals for 2010!!  Get Real is my weekly MomTV chat show; you can text chat with us or come on your webcam!

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  1. Yum Yucky
    Twitter: YumYucky

    I love how organized you are with your goals. You accomplished so much in 2009. I shall bookmark you now for more inspiration.
    .-= Yum Yucky´s last blog ..Car Crash Diet (for real) =-.


  2. Muthering Heights
    Twitter: MutheringHeight

    I would love to accomplish many of the same things…I’m not really sure what my blog is known for. Hopefully I will learn from you as you write about moving towarf your goals! 🙂
    .-= Muthering Heights´s last blog ..Did You Get Your Invitation? =-.


  3. Carolina Mama
    Twitter: CarolinaMama

    I’ll just copy yours down! Really, those sound perfect. You’re doing great. Be good to you! Love goals. Worked on mine today.


  4. GOod for you…nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific. 🙂 I’m getting there with my goals.
    .-= Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam´s last blog ..Recipe Ideas for Tasty Tuesday =-.


  5. I’ve been going through the same sort of thing lately with my blog and my purpose. I appreciate you sharing your goals with us. It’s really got me thinking!!
    .-= Kelleigh @ Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs´s last blog ..Eat from the Pantry Challenge =-.


  6. You are amazing Sarah. Like, really.

    I 100% agree with bringing the depth back. I wrote a post about that a few days ago letting my readers know that I will be talking about my faith more. I need to… for me.

    I didn’t include blogging goals on my list. I should have but really, I don’t know what they would be. I suck and can’t figure out what to blog about anyways anymore. Writer’s block maybe?

    Anyways, you should feel proud of what you have accomplished over the past year. I wish you the best of luck over the next year. I will be checking on you. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!


  7. Catherine B
    Twitter: shoeboxdaily

    Sarah – I have been reading your blog for several months I and enjoy the”realness” of it and came to LOVE ELF make-up which may not seem like a big deal but it was. Make-up for $1 when I am trying to save money but still look good was a huge find!

    I have found a passion in blogging but also would like to make a tiny bit of $$ and am working toward that this year. Good luck to you!!


  8. I need to lay out my goals like this. I hear ya on the affiliate thing. I want to focus in that direction as well. You’ve come so far already; I know you’ll reach your goals!
    .-= Mary@Everyday Baby Steps´s last blog ..Happy Holidays To You and Yours! =-.



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