Real Life Review: TripFLIX Family Travel DVD

When I received the TripFLIX DVDfrom Team Mom, I thought, “OK, cool, my kids always love videos.” We popped it in and began watching. We soon found out…

READ MORE AT REAL LIFE REVIEW, with some fun activities you can do with your kids.


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  1. Now that the princesses are getting older, I can definitely see your pedagogical inclinations stretching toward their widening educational horizons. Those “teacher” roots that became a little bit dormant in pre-mom days are now taking hold, extending deep into earthy explorations that will nourish their thirsty little minds. Profound educational adventures await your fortunate princesses. Whoopee!
    And hey, RealLifeMom, your blogging skills are absolutely sharpening to a very fine edge. Your opening about TripFLIX was honed to a perfect point, which perfectly directed us readers toward what we suddenly wanted to know, which was what “we soon found out…”
    Thanks for inspiring all those moms out there, and for showing us empty-nesters a thing or two as well.


  2. I received this DVD to review, too. I’m really excited to watch it!


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