Real Men Never Go the Same Way Twice

Most men agree that they will rarely ask directions. If they’re not sure where to go next, they are at least sure that this road just has to get us there somehow. Don’t get me wrong. I admire this in a man. It was just this type of pioneer spirit that brought the settlers across the country long ago. They wouldn’t have gotten very far if they weren’t willing to keep plugging along in spite of the uncertainty, right?

In this area, my husband is not the typical male. “He likes to stop for directions?” you ask. Why, heavens no! Although sometimes we have to call his mom’s fiancé, who knows how to get to everyplace in the continental US, we always arrive safely to our destination… eventually …without stopping for directions. What makes my husband so unique is that he never goes the same way twice to anywhere. After 11 years of marriage, I still have no idea how to get to his mom’s house; or his aunt’s house, where we go at least once a year. I have no idea how to get home once we leave. Each time, he is enticed by the notion that there must be a quicker way.

I don’t think he begins the trip thinking he will find a quicker route, but he is so tempted by the adventure, when he spots an exit that might hold the Holy Grail of car travel. The latest adventure came on Christmas Eve, as we were going from Judd’s mom’s house to my mom’s house. Convinced that there was a more expedient route to the interstate, he brought us on a scenic tour through the downtown area of the city we were trying to leave. He expertly navigated through a maze of one-way streets, all the time, exclaiming, “I thought for sure this would be a faster way to the interstate!” I’ve been waiting 11 years for the day when he settles on THE best way, and I’ve decided that day will probably never come.

It’s really OK, though. There’s something refreshing about veering off the beaten path and going somewhere new, even if it is a mistake. Are we really so rushed that we can’t take a few minutes to explore our surroundings? Well, on the way to …let’s say, a wedding, wouldn’t be the best time to explore. (Not that we’ve ever done that.) But most of the time, we can just put on our “pioneer hats” for a while and enjoy the view!


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  1. I don’t think we’re that adventurous. I’m always afraid I’ll end up in some dangerous part of town or in another state altogether.

    An Island Life


  2. One of our favorite things to do when we first got married was get in the car and drive around. I bet we traveled every road in Boone and the surrounding area. Now that gas is over $3 a gallon and life is so busy we never do that, but I miss it. It was fun, not knowing where we were going, but exploring our surroundings. Not sure how I’d feel about it if we were actually trying to get somewhere.


  3. For me it’s the awful combination of confidence and incompetence. I’m overly confident and equally incompetent at finding my way around.

    It’s men like me that they invented in-car GPS for.


  4. Wow, I thought only my husband was like this! I will say, the last time we went out-of-state for vacation, I got out all the maps, hilighted the way and was the official navigator. We took the scenic route yet I was fully aware of our location. Fun and comforting at the same time!


  5. Okay, that would drive me crazy…after several years together, my husband knows not to do things like this! He did something like this the night he proposed, we were late to dinner and I was hungry…needless to say I was a little crabby until I saw the ring 🙂



  6. When we took the kids to see Santa, we were going to a mall that Brad had been to, twice, but I hadn’t. We drove around in circles for TWO HOURS trying to find it, Brad insisting the whole time, “it’s around here somewhere,” and refusing to allow me to call a local friend. All that wasted gas!


  7. Hey Sarah, just wanted to make sure you got my email…C’s teacher said my email to her went to her junk mailbox, so I figured I better check with you.


  8. That sounds like my husband. When we first moved to NC, he was always trying to find a quicker route back to PA. Well after trying about 4 different routes that took no shorter than 11 hours( 3 hours longer than the interstate). HE finally settled on just sticking to the interstate. Which I am thankful for since we travel with our 3 yr old and 23 month old.


  9. That’s so funny because my man always makes me “think” he knows where he’s going. It’s not until after we’ve arrived and I’ve taken off my shoes and gotten comfy that he says “Man, I wasn’t real sure where I was going back there!” Cracks me up every time!!! Sometimes he’ll just go and say “Wait til you see this babe!” There’s such freedom in trust and surrender. Not only with Christ but with my man too!!! Thanks for sharing this today!


  10. childlife says:

    LOL at your “holy grail of car travel” comment!

    Happens a lot around here – I just smile and enjoy the ride : )


  11. Hi and thanks for stopping by today! It’s nice to meet you. I love meeting other christian women through blogging. I’m at work now, but I will definitelybe back to visit for a while!

    I’ve taken a sneak peek at your posts and you have a gorgeous family! I, too, have three kids. A little older though.

    Okay, back to work, but thanks again and I’ll be back!


  12. piper of love says:

    LOVE the new look! LOVE YOU!


  13. I actually love to do the same thing when I have time. It backfired on me once not long after the baby came home though. I decided to take an alternative route home and there ended up being construction and wouldn’t ya know it… the baby chose that moment to have a major BM. He was crying, the older kids were gagging, and I had a serious headache starting.

    Kim @ TheBitterBall


  14. That would drive me completely insane. I spend enough time in my car . . . I have no patience for driving around aimlessly. There is a time and place for everything. On vacation, driving around to see the sights is great. But when I have to be somewhere, I get the directions and take the shortest route. Period.

    My husband has NO sense of direction. In the beginning, he would argue with me when he took off in the wrong direction. After a few fights, he finally realized that he would never win because I have an impeccable sense of direction. He realized that surrender would be the only to survive. 🙂 It has been peaceful since then. Except for his tailgating . . . that’s a whole ‘nother subject. :-0

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