RL Review: Bella Sara Miniatures

Before Christmas, I reviewed Bella Sara horse-themed Trading Cards and online world. That was my daughters’ first experience with Bella Sara, and they absolutely fell in live with it! They asked for more cards (horses) for Christmas, and their Gran gave them the Bella Sara Holiday Tin for Christmas. HipChick’s favorite Nintendo DS game is… you guessed it… Bella Sara

Bella Sara has recently added Miniature Horse figurines to their world, and we were able to try them out, thanks to Team Mom! HipChick(8) and Princess(<6) style="font-weight: bold;">

The figurines were cute and small, which is definitely the trend in girls’ toys these days! The girls really liked having a physical representation of the horses they play with online. After a few minutes, though, the girls were more interested in the pack of new cards and special bonus code that came with the figurines. They ran straight to the computer and added their new horses to their online stables. The best thing about Bella Sara for my girls is that they actually interact together with them. Two or three of them will always be there together tending their horses, and taking turns.

Of all the places they can go online (Littlest Pet Shop, My ePets, etc) they always choose Bella Sara first! Have you tried Bella Sara? What do you think?

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