RL Review: K’Nex Building Sets, Math and Art for Girls

Do you have one of “those creative children”? You know, the ones who bring you heaps of “recycled” household materials, fashioned with scotch tape and staples in the shape of a “Lamp?” The one who doesn’t accept that anything must be what it is. A toilet paper roll? Oh no, it’s a microphone. A blanket and a chair? A tent, of course- or even a palace, yeah, that’s it!

I have one of those! This is her, in her “hip hop dance teacher” outfit! (taken on my Blackberry, so the quality is not that great)

Princess is also very talented in Math and Science, so I really want to foster her talents! Combining art, with math and science really isn’t tricky, if you think about it. Music theory is very heavy on the math skills. Architecture is the same way. You have to have knowledge of engineering to create a beautiful, yet functional structure.

Enter K’Nex Building Sets! I was so excited to receive a 400 Piece Tub and a Sesame Street Neighborhood Collection, through Team Mom Media! Let me tell you, my girls LOVE this! I’m glad we got both, because my four year old, Little Pea can easily build the Sesame Street set, and the six and eight year olds are challenged by the 400 pc tub.

Many people don’t think of these types of building toys for girls, but I think it is SO important to encourage girls to explore science and math, as well as hands-on learning! Watch the video to see how our family played with K’Nex!

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  1. My daughter is 2 and she already likes playing with blocks and the large legos. We'll probably be getting her sets like this when she gets a little older.


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